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Insomnia Speech

No description

Noah Maez

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Insomnia Speech

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Insomnia by definition is the inability to sleep.
So what causes Insomnia?
What are the different types of Insomnia?
The First Cause
Anxiety is a huge part of people not being able to sleep. When anyone goes to bed worried about a test or relationship, then it causes humans to sleep less.
The burden depends on how severe the anxiety is can cause the mind while sleeping to stay awake. This is the most common cause of insomnia
The Second Cause
The second most common cause of insomnia is Depression.
Depression is caused by a lack of sleep and from any person feeling burdened or let down. While this is present those who suffer from depression tend to not sleep at all or sleep very rarely.
Happiness is key
The common cause for Insomnia not only is the lack of sleep, is also because you need to be happy!
Don't Worry about a thing!

The Different Types of Insomnia
The types of Insomnia
Acute Insomnia is "A brief episode of difficulty sleeping. Acute insomnia is usually caused by a life event, such as a stressful change in a person's job, receiving bad news, or travel" which causes some to become slow or non responsive.
Chronic Insomnia is the long term pattern of difficulty sleeping. It is considered chronic when the person has trouble sleeping or can not stay asleep.
There are many more types of Insomnia if you want to learn more about the types of insomnia talk to me after class.

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The Key!!!!!!!!!
The key is to always be positive no matter the situation. You need to always think of things sunny side up instead of sunny side down.
Sleep as much as you can.
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