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Mao Zedong's Relation to Animal Farm

No description

Tyler Bower

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Mao Zedong's Relation to Animal Farm

Mao Zedong's relation to Animal Farm Basic Relations Enemies and Betrayals More Similarities Thanks for your time! In Animal farm Napoleon is a Dictator/President (unanimous) In some cases the KMT (Revival of China - in english) would betray against Mao Zedong

Animal Farm's traitors consist of Molly, the hens, and "Snowball" as proclaimed by Napoleon

Enemies of Mao Zedong were Warlords

Where as for Napoleon it was Mr. Jones and Snowball.
There was a rebellion between the CCP and the Monarchies.

Animal Farm Rebelled against Mr. Jones and the farmhand

Both Had Evil Intention Animal farm by George Orwell
Mao Zedong - evil dictator!
Mao Zedong was the Chairman of the CCP Both had the idea the everyone was equal but some were more equal than others

Both had Rebelions
A little about Mao Zedong Mao Zedong was a man who's intentions were good but actions were not

Introduced Communism

Wanted rid of warlords A little about Animal Farm In animal farm the Old Major has a dream of rebellion and decides that the animals should follow certain laws.

The animals manage to take over but slowly their progress is decreasing

Napoleon Becomes and evil dictator and rules that no one shall rebel against him

In the end they fail to succeed Finally To sum it all up Napoleon and Mao Zedong had allot in common but were both advocates of evil and both killed for no reason, both were dictators both, were harsh, and both originally had good intentions
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