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Career Shadow

Armaz Chemical Plant

Drew Carlton

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow

By Drew Carlton Career Shadowing at Arrmaz The purpose of this company is to create chemicals for fertilizers or other things. Purpose of the Company Where will the company
be in 15 years? This company will try to become a
worldwide company. What employability skills are needed? Some employability skills needed is to be on time, be respectful, and having the right uniform. Average salary and education The average person makes about $75,000 a year. The education needed is a highschool diploma and some other jobs need a P.H.D What technology is used? They have to use computers and cell phones so they can order supplies from other companies. Skills Skills that you need for this job is mainly just mechanic skills because this job fixes machines in case they brake down. Would you pursue a career? I would want to pursue a career with this company because it is easy to learn how to do things and you get to be outside all day. What did you like best? What i like best about this company is that you get to be outside through the entire day instead of being in an office building. What don't I like about this job? What I did not like about the job is that there are many dangers that could get you seriously injured
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