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No description

Georgina Villani

on 7 November 2012

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AND DETERIORATION Conclusion COMING CIRCUMSCRIBING STAGNATING DIFFERENTIATING AVOIDING TERMINATING beliefs, attitudes, and values that distinguish you from your partner come to dominate your thoughts and communication. Actively restricting the quantity and quality of information you exchange with your partner. The single or mutual decision of no longer with holding any desire to be around one another.
The act of ending the relationship Presuming that communicating is pointless because it will only lead to further problems APART Can be a good thing for certain relationships......
grow apart
lost interests
one person has been abusive Can be a result of unfortunate consequences..........
did not make effort to resolve differences unfolds through stages consisting of changes in thoughts feelings, and communication.........
stages involve emotional turmoil
causes negotiation between parties to be rather difficult Initiating Evaluate person by visual information (physical attractiveness, body type, age, ethnicity, gender, and posture).
How should I greet him/her?
What will he/she think of me? (primary concern is portraying self in positive light). Becoming increasingly popular
online Experimenting Small Talk Exchange demographic information (names, majors, and where grew up).
Looking for commonality.
Groundwork for possible deeper conversations. Intensifying Experience strong attraction due to proximity, physical attractiveness, similarity, and perceived awards.
Communication becomes intimate.
Share past secrets, life dreams and goals.
"We" "Honey" "I think I'm falling for you" Integrating Difficult to separate identities.
Reinforced by sexual activity, exchange of belongings.
Finish sentences.
Rely on more nonverbal communication.
Activities, attitude, and interests that join two together. Bonding Ultimate act of coming together.
Public ritual.
Institutionalize relationship
(Laws by government or religious authorities). What can you do to prevent deterioration? unpleasant clashes
bickering over contrasting viewpoints, tastes, or goals Healthy relationships will experience this...... can overcome this relationship conflict with OPEN DISCUSSION one or both relationship partners ignore problematic differences & spend less time discussing them
"Dont ask me that"
"Let's not talk about that anymore" creations of "self zones" { only discuss topics that wont provoke conflict} no save conversational topics
communication @ a standstill
feelings of being "stuck" or "trapped" wont leave the relationship b/c
believes its better to leave the situation alone
doesn't know how to repair relationship going out when partner comes home screen phone calls change relationship status on social site physcial distance
"directly" communicate avoidance
"I dont want to see you anymore"
"indirectly" communicate avoidance mutual decision
one will place blame on the other
some will decide to just be friends
some will leave relationship hurt &
anger and never want to see
each other again Is it possible to recognize what stage your relationship is at? Can you guess?
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