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THe last Olympian

No description

J Smith

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of THe last Olympian

THE LAST OLYMPIAN By: Rick Riordan This book is based on:
Greek mythology SUMMARY Setting: The setting takes place
in New York City. It also takes
place at Camp Half-Blood and
Mount Olympus. And last but not
least, the underworld.

Time: Takes place in modern day times. Main Characters-
Percy Jackson- Son of Poseidon,
has dyslexia, just turned 16
Annabeth- Daughter of Athena,
wants to be an architect, 16 years old
Nico Di Angelo-Son of Hades,
sister died saving Percy, 13 years old
Kronos/Luke-Kronos is the most powerful titan,
Luke was once a camper at Camp Half-Blood,
thousands of years old Background Characters
Thaila- Daughter of Zues, became a huntress
with Artemis, 16 years old
Chiron- Son of Kronos, is a centaur, counselor at
Camp Half-Blood, a hundred years old
Poseidon- God of the sea, Brother of Zues and Hades,
Thousands of years old
Grover- Is a Satyr, looks for the god Pan, protects
the wilderness, 16 years old
Beckendorf- Son of Hephaestus, blew up on a ship
trying to save Percy, 16 years old Percy Jackson tells the story Protagonist- Percy Jackson
Percy wants to stop Kronos
and his army from destroying
Olympus. Antagonist: Kronos
Kronos wants to overthrow
the gods and destroy Olympus. FINALE Themes:
1. Never give up
2. Rely on friends
3. Stay focused on your goals
4. You can accomplish anything
you put your mind to Connection
Text to World:
" Connection
Text to World
"She bared her fangs," when I
read this line, I thought about all
of the animals who have fangs.
That includes snakes, bats, and
spiders. Then when I pictured
that in the book, it gave me chills.
I find it disturbing to imagine fangs
on a giant flying insect. Conflict: Percy and his friends
have trouble defending against
Kronos's army. Plus the lack of
campers (on Percy's side) is important
also bad for the campers. Plot:
Percy and freinds are up to
their greatest challenge yet: fighting
Kronos. But when Kronos appears to
invincible it seems imposible to win.
Then when Percy finds out about and
obtains the same ability the games
change. However Kronos's army is
far to superior than Camp Half-Blood
and Percy will need all the help he can
get. Luckily some of Percy's other friends
come and help. But will that be enough to
stop Kronos from destroying Olympus. Conflict: Percy and his friends
have trouble defending Olympus
from Kronos. Also, Percy does not
have many campers on his side.
Kronos' spy is also a problem. Plot: Percy and his friends are
up to their greatest challenge yet:
fighting Kronos. But when Kronos
appears to be invincible, it seems
the war is already over. Then when
Percy finds and obtains the same
abilities, the games change. However,
Camp Half-Blood is no match for Kronos'
army. Plus, with a spy, Kronos has the
upper hand. Luckily some of Percy's friends
come help him fight. Recommendation: I think this book was very good.
People who like action and adventure should read
this because it's full of it. I don't recommend this
book to people who just love comedy because there
is only a little bit in there. This book should have a mature audience. There are a lot of connections that more middle school students can make. I would give this book a 10 out of 10. "I sidestepped and jabbed under Kronos's guard. It was a good trick. Unfortunately, Luke knew it. He countered the strike and disarmed me using one of the first moves he taught me. My sword skittered across the ground and fell straight into open fissure."
Scene selection: Percy and Kronos/Luke are at the climax battle and are having a fight to the death. Annabeth is also there, and is helping Percy. PICTURES :) THE END Main events:
1.Percy blows Kronos' ship
2.The spy is revealed
3.Percy gets "The Curse of Achillies"
4.Percy and Kronos have their final
battle at Olympus.
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