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Zak Suchko

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

7 Chiefs Official Language: English

Motto: Scio qui sis, sed quid ago? (I know you are, but what am I?)

Animal: Chimæra (Represents equality, intelligence, freedom, personality, ferocity, zeal, strength, and immortality/perseverance)

Currency: veale (1 veale= $33) Basic Information Large Island (approx. two-hundred fifteen square miles) in Mediterranean, allowing for fishing and use of land for agriculture. Knadzad is a man-made island, mobile due to turbines powered by nuclear fusion plants on the island to make it the island more isolated and more difficult to locate. Location Placement and Acceptance Each citizen must first be voted into the society by the 7 Chiefs. The citizens are evaluated on physical ability, mental state, intelligence and basic understanding of the 17 Socialities. (further explained in following slides) Society Dual Consuls Noah Richason- Chief of Internal Affairs Kody Kamosa, Andrew Fox, D Pyo, Dan Stefanick, Zak Suchko, Andrew Thomas, Noah Richason Knadzad 7 separate provinces: Zakarian, Demetrian, Foxnele, Andregia, Stefanial, Richasona, Kamosian. (capital: Timor) Anybody with a mental illness will be sent to insane asylums and if they have a permanent condition, they will be deported for the safety of other citizens. (Mental health checks will be held 2 times per year.) Anybody with a physical disability will be treated at hospitals, but if permanent condition, they will be taught to operate computer systems. 7 Chiefs Zak Suchko, Noah Richason, Andrew Thomas, Andrew Fox, D Pyo, Kody Kamosa and Dan Stefanick Upper Ring Society Automated menial work Scio qui sis, sed quid ago? Andrew Fox- Chief of Architecture and Engineering Andrew Thomas- Chief of Athleticism and Sports Kody Kamosa- Chief of Science and Resources Dan Stefanick- Chief of War Zak Suchko- Chief of Economy D Pyo- Chief of External Affairs 10 Laws of the People Knadzad Necessities of Life Knadzad is based off of the 17 Socialities.
(philosophy, medicine, law and politics, physics, biology/chemistry/life sciences, agriculture, progressive thought, oration, literature, poetry and drama) Knowledge of the 17 Socialities is required and practiced regularly. All children begin physical activity young to develop them for warfare. All people will be provided with housing, health care, mental health programs (if necessary), jobs (20+ yrs. old) and education (elementary-college). Government System Type of government: Utilitarian Democratic Poly-Autocratic Dictatorial Society The government will have a total of 9 leaders (Dual Consuls and the 7 Chiefs) People will have a say on all topics and debates but the final decisions will be made by the Dual Consuls and the 7 Chiefs. Other Regulations Knadzad is tolerant of all religions with an exception to those centralized on death, murder and immortality. No regulations on marriage. Legal age for consumption of alcohol is based upon academic excellence. Any substances (drugs) causing a feeling of addiction will be outlawed, unless being used in a medical facility. None of these substances will ever leave the medical facility. Combat and Warfare All acts of war approved by 7 Chiefs but declaration of war can only be made possible by Dual Consuls and backed by 70% of the population. People of the military will wear a fez, tie with no shirt, jean shorts, socks and sandals, which will all be equipped with special gadgets for warfare. They will also be given Kevlar to wear as protection. Sling-shots will be carried by the skilled, dead-eye marksmen of the military (everyone) and the military will always be prepared for hand-to-hand combat by going through training and weight-lifting programs starting at a young age. Activities Based on Age Ages 0-3 -cared for at home by mother. Ages 4-8 -begin schooling
-light physical activity (begin sports) Ages 10-19 -10 hour school day
-no homework
-more advanced training (weight-lifting, more strenuous activity) Adults (20+) -hours vary depending on job -women most likely at home with children but still have right to pursue an occupation, although it is not recommended. Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan fez: distinguishes that the army is of Knadzad. Also serves as helmet. elite warrior Kevlar: protection to the body's torso. sling-shot: although it seems weak, with the right warrior, it can cause serious harm. The enemy won't even know what hit 'em. socks & sandals: provides comfort during a hard fought battle. tie: you think it's just for looks? It also stores extra ammunition for the sling-shot. jean shorts: allows the warriors to stay cool during battle. 1. One shall not conform. 2. One shall use their mind to their best ability. 3. One shall trust the 7 Chiefs and the Dual Consuls' decisions, although one is permitted to have their own opinions. 4. One shall be prepared for any act of war. 5. One shall excel in at least 6 of the 17 Socialities. 6. One shall not serve as a harm to their own society. 7. One shall act independently and not be dependent upon others within the society, besides the 7 Chiefs and Dual Consuls. 8. One shall respect all set regulations and understand the consequences of breaking those rules. 9. All citizens must first pass an acceptance exam to become a citizen of Knadzad. 10. One shall enjoy their time and their own self. Weekly Schedule Ages 10-19 Monday: School (17 Socialities) Tuesday: Physical Training Wednesday: School (17 Socialities) Thursday: School & Physical Training Ages 20+ Friday: Physical training, rest & free time Saturday & Sunday: Free time Mondays & Wednesday: Job Tuesday & Thursday: Job and partial free time Friday-Sunday: Free time and physical training Ages 4-9 Monday-Thursday: School with some physical activity Friday-Sunday: Free time Ages 0-3 cared for at home Activity, shelter, protection, & jobs. Occupations Once one is 20+ years old, they will be given a job based on their skill sets and excellence on one or multiple of the 17 Socialities. Everyone will be required to serve in the military when necessary. One will be qualified to retire when they are 61 years old.
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