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Seedfolks Vocabulary

No description

Julia Langdon

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Seedfolks Vocabulary

n. a person who is against war or violence as a means of settling disputes
A narrow opening in a rock or wall
n. a strong or stormy wind
n. a narrow opening caused by a splint or a crack
adj. lacking a plan, order or direction
adj. having grooves or wrinkles
n. A vibrating effect to express emotion
n. A technique of expressing emotions, actions, feelings, etc by gestures without speech

n. a disease of plants marked by withering and death
n. a place that provides shelter or protection

n. to live or to stay as a permanent resident

n. a table or platform used as a center of worship
n. a notice of a person's death in the newspaper
adj. not filled, used or lived in
Seedfolks Vocabulary
The neighborhood used the vacant lot for a garden.
We peeked through the crevice to see if the robber was still in the house.
I found my neighbor's obituary in the Boston Globe.
I was told to stand by the altar to collect the presents from the Reverend.
Unfortunately, my cucumbers suffered from blight and disease towards the end of the season.
Because of the gale force winds from Hurricane Sandy, we had to stay home and hope we didn't lose power.
The animals had a haphazard plan for the crash landing.
We had to seek refuge under the building from the snow fall.
I put my hand through the crevice of the wall to obtain the key.
I could tell my mother was upset with me by her furrowed forehead.
She had a tremolo on the very high chords.
The young man used pantomime to communicate with the stage director.
The summer dwellers in the cape enjoy boating over the summer months.
causing marked changes in patterns of behavior and mood.
Watching the movie, Inception was mind-altering; it made me question reality.
A person who works in an office greeting people, answering phones and arranging appointments
The receptionist answered phone calls and set-up meetings for the lawyers office.
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