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Breaking the Classroom Boundaries: Cultivating Digital Language Learners

National Chinese Language Conference 2010 全美中文大 会 April 22-24

Janna Chiang

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Breaking the Classroom Boundaries: Cultivating Digital Language Learners

Double click anywhere & add an idea Breaking the Classroom Boundaries: Cultivating Digital Language Learners

Stopher Elementary School
725+ Students
4 levels of Mandarin Chinese instructions
Meet every six days for 50 mins

Westlane Middle School
Level I and II Chinese
6th – 8th grade
16-19 students per class
Block schedule: 90 minutes every other day
我听見, 我忘記; 我看見, 我記住; 我做 我了解 Authentic and real life applications Authentic voices :: IT MATTERS!!!
Data Driven Decision
Should not just be the data of what they do one day, but rather what they do everyday! We pretend that it doesn't exist! When we passed notes, teachers collects
When they passed notes, the world sees it! Student-center work Communicate :: Collaborate:: Create
SMARTER NCIKU http://slideroll.com/?s=ghwjqhkr http://www.yodio.com/yo.aspx?CardId=r4h9GZKw1P6LsqJuVISdh5 We are the facilitators S = Sensible
M = Monitor Behaviors
A = Appropriate & Common Sense
R = Respectable
T = Tell and Initiate
E = Empathy
R = Responsible hang on your chair, it is going to be fast moving Perapera-Kun So What?? http://elizabethy.edu.glogster.com/yu-laoshis-glog/ http://www.yodio.com/Yo.aspx?CardId=r4h9GZKw1P6LsqJuVISdh5 http://grou.ps/nclc
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