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Animal Cruelty

English 1301- Dr. Burton

Jenny Stotts

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cruelty

By Jenny Stotts

The most common victims of animal cruelty
are dogs, pit bull's in particular.

Of the cruelty cases that were reported in 2007, 65.5% were dogs, 18% involved cats, and 25% were other animals.
71% of domestic violence victims state that the abuser also abused their animal.
Abandonment and neglect is the leading cause to companion animal abuse.
Beaten, starving, cold.
To you, leaving me like this never gets old.
I'm your biggest protector.
Your number one fan.
So why am I fearing the back of your hand?
I know when you're sad.
I know when you're glad.
I see what others don't when you're mad.

I don't mean to upset you.
I hate seeing you cry.
Just give me affection,
And I promise I'll try.
You're my only friend,
You're all I've got.
This is our home, and leave it I do not.
Stuck to a chain day and night.
Even through brutal weather, it can be a sad sight.

Why me? With a heart of gold.
A loyal companion who's personality is bold.
I was made to nurture, to entertain, and to love.
Battered, bruised, and broken, all I receive is a shove.
Because of you I get a bad name.
Others like me attack out of shame.
You make us feel worthless, that we are meant to be dirt,
But there are people who differ,
Who make sure we don't get hurt.

Don't blame us for being frightened,
Trust is hard to find.
Blame the abuser, not the breed, for not being kind.
God gave me a life to live, just like you.
A long slippery tongue to give kisses,
I give so many until your face turns blue.
So give me the chance to live happy and free
From the burdens and pain you accompany me.
All I want to do is find my best friend,
And live happily ever after until the very end.

Copyright 2014 Jenny Stotts
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