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on 8 April 2013

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A Golfer's Drink Introduction How It Was Tested Drink A : Arnold Palmer Powder Mix Bottom Line: I chose to test the popular drink, the Arnold Palmer. An Arnold Palmer, for those of you who are not familiar with it, it is a mixture of lemonade and iced tea. It was originally invented by the famous golfer, Arnold Palmer. After he retired from the senior tour, Arizona Tea made his dream drink a reality by producing and selling it to the public. I decided to test this product because it is one of my favorite drinks ever. It has a great flavor that most everyone will enjoy. What I want answered for the public, is what type and which brand of Arnold Palmer tastes the best. Arizona Tea claims they are the original, meanwhile Xing says theirs has a sweet honey flavor. Then there is the choice between premade or powder mix. The powder mix boasts being able to purchase individual packets for situations when you need a drink in a hurry or on the go. Which one of the brands is telling the truth? Do you know? I tested my product to the limit. I first had each person who tried each drink tell me on a scale of 1-10 how the iced tea, lemonade, and aftertaste tasted. Also I looked at the nutrition facts and price of each product to determine the value. When I had my fellow colleagues test the product they had a sample of each. As for the nutritional facts and price, the can told me all I needed to know. The Arnold Palmer in a powder form, in the public's eye, wasn't up to par. It didn't perform very high in any of the categories and it didn't receive any votes over all. Many thought the tea flavor was watery, while others thought the tea flavor was overbearing and didn't care for it. The lemonade flavor was voted mild. The aftertaste mostly scored high because about half of the testers thought it tasted good, yet the other half said there wasn't any aftertaste at all which didn't help or hurt the drink. The price of one 32oz can of powder is $4.99 and it can make 40 glasses, resulting in each 8oz serving costing approximately 12.5 cents. That's very inexpensive, but the poor quality doesn't justify the cost and based on the taste results it is not good enough to qualify it as the "hole-in-one" drink. Iced tea and lemonade are both American favorites, but are especially great when they are mixed. Of these three types I tested, the Arizona Arnold Palmer in a can was the favorite. The Xing Tea was liked for the lemonade flavor but not the tea. The powder mix was watery and unpopular. So if you want the best, Arizona Brand Arnold Palmer beats the rest. By Alex Occhionero Drink B: Xing Half Lemonade Half Iced Tea Some might think the name, Xing (Zing), might refer to how fast you drink this delectable beverage. But, unfortunately for Xing, they only got one vote in the overall ratings. The tea flavor in the drink was present but not strong enough per most testers. The lemonade scored high but was a little too strong for some. The aftertaste was voted decent. The price of one 23oz can is $.99 which equals $.33 per serving and each serving has 80cals. Based on this data, Xing tea doesn't zing down your throat. Overall Results: After each of my testers had given me their thoughts on each product, I asked them for their overall preference. Drink A (Powder Mix) didn't receive any votes. Drink B (Xing Tea) got 16.5%. And finally, Drink C (Arizona Arnold Palmer) received 83.5%, which was definitely the favorite. Overall Favorites: Drink A: Powder Mix Drink B: Xing Tea Drink C: Arnold Palmer Nutrition Facts Drink C: Arnold Palmer The original Arnold Palmer drink, was an all around favorite. In the tea flavor category, it hit a 450 yard drive and was by far the highest rated. Under lemonade's category, it couldn't be beat. One of the testers said that it was really good and of all three drinks they would definitely buy this one. Based on the results, the aftertaste of this drink is superb. It satisfies your every want when craving a delectable Arnold Palmer. The best part about this amazing drink is that is $.99 for a 23 fl oz can resulting in each serving costing $.33 with only 50 calories per serving! Overall this drink was voted the highest and I feel you will like it the most. *Under the carbs and sodium category, the two 0 data results do not apply because of a lack of information for that specific product
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