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All Wales Leaving Care Forum

AGM | 20 April 2010

Sara Young

on 15 October 2010

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Transcript of All Wales Leaving Care Forum

All Wales Leaving Care Forum
20 April 2010 Established by Care Standards Act 2000 Under Act, I can:
Provide advice and information to children, young people, professionals and other adults concerned about rights and welfare of a child or children in general Offer advice and support to children and young people, helping them express views and wishes Examine cases where services could have failed a child | children Assist children and young people - including providing financial assistance and representation in legal proceedings - whose rights haven't been respected. Powers wide but restricted:
Cannot look into any matter subject to legal proceedings or determined by a court or tribunal. Legal and Investigations Team 5 advice and support officers based in Swansea & Colwyn Bay
Legal, social work and advocacy experience Opened 529 new cases 08|09 321 cases signposted or given advice 208 became full cases Freephone service used 338 times this year via 0808 801 1000 number Emerging Trends Education remains main area 27 cases about special educational needs 25 were cases seeking advice 22 about complaints Working in Partnership Significant increase in number of calls signposted - from 72 in 07|08 to 138 in 08|09 Three main services or advocates we signpost calls:
Complaints Officers at LA level (30 cases)
SNAP Cymru (25 cases)
Solicitors (24 cases) A Year of Reports 08|09 - Reporting to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child - A Happy Talent - Independent Evaluation of my office - Bordering on Concern - Full of Care CONTACT US FREEPHONE Service:
t: 0808 801 1000
e: advice@childcomwales.org.uk
text: 80800 (start msg with COM) w: www.childcomwales.org uk Twitter: http://twitter.com/childcomwales
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