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The Mona Lisa

No description

Gabrielle Tian

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of The Mona Lisa

It is unknown when the Mona Lisa was actually made, but approximate guesses are between 1503 and 1506.
Created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Stolen in 1911, but retrieved and sent back to the Louvre two years later.
In 2014, another Mona Lisa was found, speculated to be the older one.
Parodied, reproduced, and researched throughout time.
World View Changes
I believe that if the Mona Lisa was never created, some world views would indeed change. For example, I never would have looked at portrait paintings as 'relativity significant in my world' as much if it was never painted. As well, the millions of parodies and tributes would never have come to surface, and the techniques and skills used by Da Vinci would have been discovered earlier or later, maybe even never at all. The idea that even old art can still be relevant in this day and age wouldn't pop up as much if not for this amazing work. Even though considered overexposed by some, I believe that without the Mona Lisa, art appreciation wouldn't be as in depth if not for this smiling wonder.
NOTE: The advertisement has an annoying watermark on it from me using a trial version. Please ignore it.
Other Questions
Why is the Mona Lisa remembered?
Because of the many tributes to it, both serious and not. As well, the mysteries surrounding it make it a memorable thought in one's head.
Why do some consider it a legend?
As stated above, the painting is mysterious, in more than one way.
How did it change the way people think?
It changed the people's perception on how art makes one think and feel.
The Mona Lisa
really though most of the questions were answered with how I felt about it.
Gabrielle Tian 8A
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