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CA Murff

No description

Michael Way-Montiel

on 28 July 2017

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Transcript of CA Murff

CA Murff
Video Marketing1
Getting attention through video.
Revise and edit CA Murff Legal Shield Video
Upload Video to Youtube and Facebook.
Boost through Facebook Ads
Pin to top of Facebook Page
Run a long term campaign with low daily spend.
Upload multiple videos
Create a new Facebook Page

Create page
Become Admin
Plan out the direction we want to head with the brand
Plan out content strategy
Start dressing up the page
Campaign #1
"Get out of your 9-5"
Goal is to get people to sign up for the associate program
Inspirational/motivational video with strong call to action.
Campaign #2
Create a commercial of testimonies by business owners
Have them show how easy it was to get Legal Shield Coverage
What it did for the company
The benefits
And a deeper reason for why they felt they needed the service.
Campaign #3
"Become your own boss"
Create video that calls out to entrepreneurs.
Inspirational/motivation with testimonies
Personal Story
End with offering 1 on 1 Call
Send them to landing page
Capture E-mail
Social Media
Twitter, Instagram, Youtube... for branding
Create the other platforms
Start using them cohesively and start building bigger audience
Try to get your followers to follow your other accounts by offering value
Be very interactive with posts
Tell one large brand story
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