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The Byzantine Empire- PERIOD E

Mr. McLaughlin's SFP Global

Mr. McLaughlin

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of The Byzantine Empire- PERIOD E

300-1453 AD
The Empire grew and slowly dwindled as the years went on
Located in the eastern part of the former Roman empire
Bosporus (Land that connects Mediterranean and Black Sea
Protected Rome from attacks from the East Acted as a buffer zone.
People of The Byzantine Empire felt greek--> why?
Located in Greek Peninsula
New Rome (Constantinople)
Rome was seen as a pagan city
Constantine needed a new Christian capitol
Issues that western empire was facing:
Political Assassinaitions
Corrupt Emperors
Little Trade
DIdn't exist in the East
able to trade with the Asian Nations
major trading city between Asia and Europe
Bezant= gold coins used in Byzantine Empire
Remained Strong for 1,123 years
fell on may 29th, 1493 to Moslem Turks
Look through your textbook and find the six most important parts of the Byzantine Empire and create a timeline!
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