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Leaders, Leadership and everything in between !!

IE Express Yourself


on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Leaders, Leadership and everything in between !!

Leaders, Leadership and everything in between
Communication: Oratory is good, but listening is even more important
General tendency to think of effective communicator just as a good speaker; however, a key and often forgotten component of good communication is Listening

being an effective listener shows trust and respect towards colleagues, in turn gaining their trust and respect

problems can be better understood and resolved faster

information flow is better and smoother

increases ones likeability and helps develop better relationships
Being self-confident without being arrogant
have faith in your capabilities, but be self-aware of your limitations and actively works towards overcoming those,

maintain humility and be humble

Strong work ethics and positive attitude: not often highlighted, but absolutely essential
Aptitude or missing skill-sets can be learned, but attitude is more inherent
attitude impacts the work environment and more difficult to change
essential to maintain positive demeanor

Strong work ethics ensures quality, efficiency and timeliness of work
instills confidence and trust in ones capabilities, paving way for more responsibilities and challenging work
The erstwhile Business Unit Leader of the GS SUSTAIN Team within Goldman Sachs in Europe is one of the most outstanding leader I had the opportunity to work with.

While he has subsequently moved on to set up his own entrepreneurial venture, I continue to maintain regular dialogue with him and benefit from his guidance and mentoring.

During my more than 2.5 years of professional and over 3 years overall association with him, some of the qualities which we shared are:
Being a leader: leading by example, investing in people, "WE" more important than "I", mentoring
set examples of model behavior and adapt if others show a better way

motivate people to consider each challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn and engage

team takes precedence over personal goals, inculcate and encourage this ethos

mentor colleagues by motivating them, asking the right questions, guiding them and giving honest feedback

providing technical assistance, emotional support and vision
IE Express Yourself !!
E. Describe the most outstanding leader you have worked with. Indicate some aspects of the way you work that are similar to the way this leader works and others that are different.

Submitted by: N. K.

Relative lesser experience manifested itself in instances of impatience in time of crisis, need to better appreciate the importance of patience

Need to better manage displeasure/annoyance with team members
Focus: granularity versus broad vision
Appreciation of the bigger picture and how the dots may be connected, something which I am still developing and improving

My focus was more on the nuts-and-bolts of a project and lesser on the broader vision; need to strive for appropriate balance between the two
Traits where we differed !!
Thank You..
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