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6th Grade Benny Chihuahua Expository Writing

No description

Benny C

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of 6th Grade Benny Chihuahua Expository Writing

Expository Writing
Have you written an essay that explains,informs,describes or compares a subject? If you have then you have written an expository writing.
An expository writing is information,explanation and description of a subject.
This is why it is sometimes called an informative writing.
What it's used for
Real Life Examples
Expository writings can be in different types of forms such as
News articles, which inform you on recent events. Ex:
"How to" articles are another form of an expository writing because it explains instructions on a subject. Ex:
Compare and Contrast essays are forms of expository writings.Compare and Contrast essays give you information on two subjects to give you a decision of which one is better.
So now that you have learned how to write an expository writing correctly I hope to see your expository writing in the future.
In an expository writing you must not put your own personal opinions over true facts when explaining a subject.
Chocolate ice cream is the best ice cream ever!
75% of Palm Beach County likes ice cream.
This type of form of writing called an expository writing can be used in
daily life. It is being used right now by me to
explain a subject. Expository writings can be
used for a letter explaining your recent events. This writing can be used often in school from elementary to college.
Hope you
Lee Odel, Richard Vacca, Renée Hobbs and Judith L. Irvin
Elements of Language Introductory Course
Orlando-Austin-New York-San Diego-London:
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007
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