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Self Aid Buddy Care

Refresher Course

Self Aid Buddy Care

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Self Aid Buddy Care

SABC Self Aid Buddy Care We will be covering five lessons throughout this course

1 Airway Management

2 Bleeding Control

3 Patient Transportation

4 9 Line MEDEVAC Request

5 DD Form 1380, U.S. Field Medical Card IFAK: Minor Module
1 Lip moisturizer (1)
2 Triangular bandages (2)
3 Rehydration salt (1)
4 Packages of Micropur MP1 tablets (10)
5 Skin markers (2)
6 Bacitracin ointments (3)
7 Bandages 3/4" X 3" (10)
8 Bandages 2" X 4" (5)
9 Safety pins (4)
10 DD Form 1380, U.S Field Medical Card (1)
11 First Aid Instruction Sheet (1)
(c) IFAK: Trauma Module
1 Emergency bandages (2)
2 Cotton bandage gauzes (2)
3 EMS shear, also known as medical scissors (1)
4 Nasopharyngeal airway (1)
5 Roll of surgical adhesive tape (1)

IFAK: Additional Items
1 Combat Application Tourniquets, also known as CATs (2)
2 QuikClot® Combat Gauze (1)
3 CeraLyte® packet (1) Under hostile conditions
Before approching injured personnel
be sure that area is safe. Three techniques for establishing an airway
Head tilt chin lift
Jaw thrust Manuever
Nasopharengeal Airway Nasopharyngeal Airway

When to use one / benefits
Use on conscious, semi-conscious, or unconscious patient
Won’t normally stimulate patient’s gag reflex
Can be used when teeth are clenched
Can be used when patient has sustained oral / facial injuries

When not to use / contra indications
Do not force insertion. If a lot of resistance is felt, don’t use
Do not use if clear fluid coming from nose/ears.
Airway Management video Bleeding Control Steps to control Bleeding

Israeli bandage can be used to apply direct pressure Treat for Shock As a Last resort use combat tourniquet Tsgt Tabitha Giddings
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