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erika lara

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of JEALOUSY

Major events
In chapter 12, Colonel Graff says 'Ender Wiggin has provoked Bonzo Madrid beyond human endurances". Ender has gotten Bonzo jealous because he is successful in the games Petra stated"It's true, he told me to take you aside today and warn you on the way back from the battle room to be careful". Petra was warning Ender because she was worried of what Bonzo could do when he is jealous. Soon after Ender received a message , it read "DONT BE ALONE". After this Ender rested and took a shower. While in the shower, Bonzo and his gang came. Ender and Bonzo fought. Ender ends up killing Bonzo soon after.
After Ender left his home, he went on the launch. While in the launch Colonel Graff said"I'm betting on only one"- This made almost everyone jealous of Ender. "again another blow to the head". Ender was being hit by the person behind him multiple times. "If graff was setting him up, there'd be no help unless he himself helped". The person hitting Ender from behind was Bernard. Ender then broke Bernard's arm while he was going for another strike.
When the I.F. came to the Wiggin house they told Ender he was able to go to battle school. Peter got even more jealous because he was not good enough to make the fleet. Colonel Graff said "Peter wasn't accepted... for the same reasons you(Ender) hated him". So Colonel Graff didn't let Peter into the school because of his jealousy and hatred toward Ender. "Ender Wiggin, If it were just a matter of choosing the best future for you, I'd tell you to stay." Graph told him this because of how dangerous it is in battle school with everyone's jealousy.
So the
In this novel everyone seems to be jealous of Ender but why?In chapter four the nararator states,"When the sergent picked on you ,the others liked you better, but when the officer prefers you ,the others hated you." Certain characters hate and get jealous of Ender because he was seemingly perfect and was preferred by officer Graff . In chapter ll Ender thought to himself,"That's the problem with winning from the start...you lose friends." When Ender thought this he thought he lost friends because he was successful
Ender' Bio
Ender is the third of the Wiggin family and was the first of the siblings to go to battleship school. He was favored by Colonel Graff and ended up being the commander of the Dragon army.
Bonzo is an important character in Ender's Game. He is the commander of the salamander army. Bonzo was jealous of Enders sucess and wants to have power over Ender by fighting him
Peter is Enders brother and he wants to conquer the world someday, but for now he picks on Ender because he is a third.
"...some other boys wanted to kill you"-This shows how far Bonzo will go ,to hurt Ender,because of jealousy.
"we're tired of you Ender you graduate today.On ice.-Because ender is above average in what he does bonzo wants him to leave .
"We just want to talk to you into plaaying fair with the games . maybe loose a couple now and then."-Bonzo doesnt want ender to be undefeated at the games and wants him to lose
"He keeps the little sucker till he's six years old...H e almost made it, little bastard, little bugger."-This shows how he is jealous of his brother because he wasn't accepted by the I.F.
"I could kill you like this just press and press until you're dead. And I could say that I didn't know that it would hurt you...and you'd be dead. Everything would be fine."- By peter saying this, he is mad his brother might be accepted to go to battle school."But it might be me, you know, they might have realized I was the best of the lot after all".- This shows that Peter thinks he is the best of his whole family.

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