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Sail Vehicle Tutorial

No description

Chloe Mason

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Sail Vehicle Tutorial

By: Chloe Mason
Objects needed:
Chopsticks (an average of 6 wooden chopsticks)
Straws (2 ,not the bendy kind)
Water bottles(8 regular size)
Streamers(any color)
Masking Tape
A plastic bag( a bigger one than an average bag)
A base( I selected a shoe box cover)
Putting the vehicle together!
Hello! Today I will teach you how to make a sail vehicle along with demonstrating the role of mass, friction, and Newton's Laws.
Base, Wheels, and Axles.
Sail Vehicle Tutorial
Attaching the Sail
Finished Product!
Role of Friction
Role of Mass
Newton's Laws
Thanks for viewing!!!
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