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Ramona & Beezus!

No description

Raniyah Shipley

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Ramona & Beezus!

Have you ever herd an
amazing book called... Ramona & Bezzus
By: Beverly Cleary
Realistic fiction Setting: Porland Oregon
& New York City Ramona and Beezus is also a movie! Ramona & Beezus is a hillarious book it willl litterally make you fall out
of your seet so if your not a laughing person I wouldnt watch the movie or read the book! Main Characters: Ramona
Beezus, Henry, and Ramonas dad Henry is a boy that goes to Beezus school she has a big crush on him. He is tall handsum, brown hair, and green eyes! Ramona is in third grade. She is adorible, funny, and smart. She short has blond hair and green eyes. Beezus is in highschool. She is Ramona's older sister. She has long brown hair, medium size, and dark brown eyes. She is smart pretty and loving towards her younger sister. In this story Beezus plays as Ramona's sister she encourages Ramona to be her own self and she can get were she wants to be! Henry is this RANDOM boy that Beezus has a crush on. He has known Beezus and Ramona for a long time they are like family! Ramona's father is very loving towards Ramond. He trys to be their for her and encourage her to be were she wants to be. Just like Beezus. Theme: Father, and Beezus encourging Ramona to do her dream witch is act, she wants to be on broadway! Ramona's dad is tall, has light brown hair, and hazel brown eyes! He is a very caring father and will always be there for his daughter During this movie RAmona is positive and loves to be herself and
and not care about with other people says, she is positive about
what she wants to do! I strongly believe that this book is my favorite it reminds me of he and my sister. We are very close and I love her <3 Ramona & Beezus is a really GREAT book maybe you
can have a chance to read it and when you do... Tell
me all about it, even though I already know what your going
to say! Beezus is very loving and encouraging person in this story. She shows loving and encouragment by helping her sister get to Broadway! Dad is fun and caring Ramona in the story. He shows he's caring and fun because he is always ready to support no matter what she does. Henry is Ramona's buddy they are very close. He shows support for Ramona through out the story. Here is a video clip of the movie! by, Raniyah Shipley Hope you enjoyed!
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