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2020 Future

No description

khor lijun

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of 2020 Future

Welcome To

What about
in 2020?
Queue to board the train
Expand SMRT Route
Large influx of foreign talent
Delay Marriage / LGBT / Aging population / Low birth Rate
Workplace 2020
Company Name: NeuHealth

Product and Service: HealthMirror

Slogan: Mirror Your Health

Vision: To have HealthMirror in all households in Singapore and the World eventually

Mission: To ensure that HealthMirror detects the early signage of heath diseases and irregularities so that society is not shocked by their health conditions at a later stage
Corporate Culture: Partnership

More Efficient Transportation...
Not only airplane can fly, cars can also fly..
More Robots to replace routine works..
- Increased freedom of speech & literature about Government
- Lent support to opposition parties
- PAP support drops
- Higher expectation from the Government
- Online Voting
Singapore $$ stronger!
High standard of living
Advises the law and legal rights of the technology industry

Applies and maintains the patent and copyright for the HealthMirror

Advises on the legal proceedings on what can and cannot do

Expert in cyber laws and advises on the protection from cyber threats
Legal Consultant
More Singaporeans out for migration
Super farm.. Vertical farm...
Solar Panel & Wind turbines..

Completed Master in Law Studies offered by Singapore Management University School of Law

Applied for Bar examination and is a qualified law practitioner

Employed in Allen and Gledhill, one of the top law firms in Singapore

Attend part time courses of contract law, employment laws, cyber laws and public speaking courses
Partnerships of NeuHealth
Suggests methods and ways of incorporating renewable resources to produce and enhance HealthMirror by using Solar and Kinetic energy

Plans risk assessment programs and corrective actions

Develops and maintain network with local authorities and environmental centers

Ensure compliance of company policies on and legal requirements on Workplace and Environment Safety and Health

Advises NeuHealth on Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and initiatives to give back to the society
The Making of NeuHealth
- Partnership forged by a group of students who attended Knowledge Management Module in the year 2013 with knowledge in the business industry, legal expertise and environmental knowledge

- NeuHealth and its multi award winning product, HealthMirror was introduced to Singaporeans in 2019 and it has flourished to where it is now

- Idea started by the Director of Disruptive Innovation

- Noticed that not many people, young and old, have been going for regular check ups

- An increasing trend of late stages of chronic illnesses like osteoporosis, cancer and etc

- Creating of a device easily accessible, extremely useful and increasingly intelligent to detect early signs of sickness

- Includes reflecting health conditions of the user and any implications
Incorporated Enhanced Technology
Political and Legal Support
- Collaboration with government to introduce concept

- HealthMirror is a copyright product and patent so to ensure that no other competitors are out there
Economic Contributions
- Provide reasonable health care for the masses at affordable prices

- Higher standard of living in terms of health

- Local to global market (Globalisation)
Socio-Cultural & Environmental Impacts
- Using of Kinetic and Solar energy to operate

- Disability friendly whereby technology assist with the detection of early signs

- Supports and benefits aging population to ensure their health is kept in check
- Unique personal recognition able to detect individual's vital signs, weight, calculate BMI, health, scans for future health concerns

- Linked to the hospitals networks in the case of emergencies detected

- Real time update of information and data stored in cloud and personalized access and privacy
Director of Disruptive Innovation
Sun Xichen
Creator of Opportunities
Airbus in The Future IN Your Own City
Human-alike Robot
Go cashless..
Content Page

1. Introduction
2. Singapore 2020 (PESTEL)
3. Our Company
4. Our Designations & Job Scope
5. Conclusion
Presented by:
Daniel Joshua Ansley (32085674)
Kamariah Abdul Rahim (32128494)
Khor Li Jun, June (32139418)
Sun XiChen, Cici (32097339)
Go green..
Court proceedings automated
Court hearing attended from home via teleconferencing
Completed Diploma in Republic Polytechnic with Major in Business Application.

Attended Murdoch University in Kaplan Singapore with Bachelor Degree of Commerce in Management and Human Resource Management

Works at Gassan Singapore Pte Ltd as Human Resource Executive.

Passion in Healthcare industry. Concerns about public health conditions as not many people go for regular check ups.
Bridging the Gap
Achieved a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science at Ngee Ann - Adelaide Education Centre in Singapore

Completed Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Wellness at Singapore Polytechnic

Learns intermediate IT programming courses at Intellisoft Systems

Works at IBM as a Software Engineer in charge of enhancing and developing software modules and provide speedy resolution for reported issues
Researches for new technology to enhance the Health Mirror

Incorporates software programmes into HealthMirror

Ensures no technical glitches and that troubleshooting issues with mirrors can be done from the office

Ensures machines and robots are in optimal working conditions to produce health mirrors
Job Scope
Completed Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Dropped out of Murdoch University at Kaplan Singapore pursuing Bachelor of Commerce in Management

Admin Assistant for Network Contracts Pte Ltd preparing quotations, invoice and coordinating order shipments

Believes in marketing of practical products to the masses and dreams of setting up a business
Job Scope
Marketing Institute of Singapore undertaking Bachelor of Science in Business and Management awarded by University of Buckingham

Completed Master of Science in International Marketing Management awarded by University of Buckingham

Marketing Assistant at PurpleClick Media Pte Ltd in 2014 - 2016

Business Development Manager at Singapore Telecommunications Limited
Bridging the Gap
Plans the marketing strategy to market HealthMirror to the masses

Introduce and expand HealthMirror to international markets first in South East Asia, Asia and the world

Collaborate with government bodies and health institutions to encourage the use of HeathMirror to ensure that their health maintained on a daily basis
Attended Murdoch University in Kaplan Singapore with Bachelor Degree of Commerce in Management and Human Resource Management

Legal executive for the Small Claims Tribunal Court attending court hearings and preparing legal documentations

Strong passion for people development and ideas creation with a sense of justice
Bridging the Gap
Job Scope
Attended Murdoch University in Kaplan Singapore with Bachelor Degree of Commerce in Management and Human Resource Management

Sales Specialist at a local MNC, Element14 Pte Ltd Taking care of order processing, system update

Strong interest in nature and wildlife preservation
Job Scope
Bridging the Gap
& Answer

Thank you
Green Adviser
Completed Specialist Diploma in Environmental and Water Technology from Temasek Polytechnic

Worked at National Parks Board Singapore as a Researcher, Conservation and Outreach Manager

Received Diploma in Event Management from Distance Learning Online Course offered by Event Training Singapore

Planned events to create green awareness for organizations
- Understand the importance of designing Organisational structures to support Organisational Learning

- NeuHealth adopted various knowledge management tools

- Knowledge creation through the SECI model to stay competitive

- Approach Double-loop Learning (Feedback, correction of errors & Continuous learning cycle)
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