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When I grow up...

The connections between majors, early career ideas and future career ideas at Penn

Toni Gordon

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of When I grow up...

When I grow up... Why did I choose this topic? Knowledge of higher education Generally, something useful when advising students. Lit Review Some change because they are disenchanted with their original field. Others do it because they realize they may not have what it takes to succeed in the original field. (Stanek, 2005) According to the Penn State Student Affairs Web site, 70 percent of students switch their majors at least one time, while 20 percent change twice and 10 percent change three or more times.Students most often cite job prospects, practical use of previous credits and personal interest as some of their main reason for switching between majors. (Bauer, 2005) Intrinsic and Extrensic factors play a role in choosing and sticking with a major and career path.
Hypothesis... Hypothesis is that students at Penn will change their career plans
atleast once and consequently change their major atleast once. Those Penn Students: The findings Factors that may play in sticking with that major. Somthing that I really want to do. my parents wanted me to do it. Too expensive or too time consuming to change at this point. Other things to consider family background and where students
come from (international students in particular). Gender... Who is more indecisive or does gender not matter? The Ivy league pressure? Perhaps measuring up
to the ideals of the Ivy league and not putting
a lot of thought into something for them.
Like Nike: just do it. Many students came to Penn
with some idea of what they want
to do in terms of major. Students who didn't know what
they wanted decided to go with
practical career options due to the economy The End Thoughts? The connections between majors, early
career ideas and future career ideas at Penn. JS:Thought about being a music major
because she loved singing so much, but
went against it because it didn’t have a
lot of earning potential. Still doesn’t exactly
know what she wants to do when she grows up. I changed my major twice before settling on my Double
major in Psychology and Sociology Mary: Want to be a lawyer practicing immigration law because I love it
because it is a part of international law. Political science, with a concentration
in international relations, and Hispanic studies (double major),
minor in Italian. Really wants to deal with law. I can make more money as a ___
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