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Copy of Copy of Boosting JavaScript Productivity with SharpKit

How to develop complex web apps easily with SharpKit - C# to JavaScript cross-compiler

Zane Groshelle

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Boosting JavaScript Productivity with SharpKit

How to measure a project? Lines of code Is JavaScript considered code? Script = Text File Code = Structured Compilation Unit function foo(a,b,c){
} What's missing in JavaScript? In JavaScript we CAN'T define the types of things! So what's the solution? Enhance JavaScript to be fully typed Impossible right now It takes time to create new standards Gain all benefits from both languages Stay typed, easily maintain large code-base Run everywhere, stay standard Highly advanced syntax (C# 4.0)
Many similarities to JavaScript
(Both object-oriented and functional)
Great design-time (Visual Studio / tools)
Good chance that is used anyway - no need to learn a new language Refactoring
Find all References
Code regions
Xml Documentation
Class diagrams Benefits of writing in C# Server-side code quality
for client-side code! What makes SharpKit different? Does not require creating a new isolated project
Does not force adding more references
Supports any JavaScript coding style
Generates the same JavaScript that would have been written manually
Allows reuse of existing client and server code Soft integration model "SharpKit is designed from the ground up with a soft integration model, which allows a risk-free implementation in existing projects" Global functions
Prototype objects
CLR / Custom classes
=== (exact equals)
for..in loops
Native array iteration
Function pointers Classes, Interfaces, Delegates, Enums
Methods, Fields, Properties, Events
Generics, LINQ, Lambda-expressions
Extension methods
Automatic-properties, anonymous objects
Object/collection/array initializers
Ref, out and optional parameters
Polymorphism, casting,
foreach, Enumerables, Enumerators
Exceptions, try...catch...finally, throw, rethrow C# Features JavaScript Features SharpKit Features Powerful metadata customization
C# debugging using source maps
Code minification
Code consolidation
Extensible - supports plug-ins Supported Libraries JavaScript
Sencha ExtJs
KendoUI RxJs
ASP.NET Ajax See it in action! Mobile Libraries And Even More... PhoneGap
jQTouch XRegExp
Three Js
Google Chrome Extensions
Prototype Js
Easel Js
Raphael Js More Libraries... Boosting JavaScript Productivity with SharpKit by Dan-El Khen SharpKit is a C# to JavaScript cross-compiler C# JavaScript We'll talk about... “Productivity is the act of bringing a company closer to its goal. Every action that brings a company closer to its goal is productive. Every action that does not bring a company closer to its goal is not productive.” - The Goal Development productivity is measured by the time that it takes implementing new features and bug-fixes. What is Productivity? Productivity = Time Lines of Code Better What's so cool about JavaScript? Runs everywhere - Desktops, Mobiles Productivity JS C# Development Productivity Use a different language and convert Possible today! It takes time to support them in devices The problem
Possible solutions
Our solution
See it in action!
Q&A // // // // // Why C#? Design Time Any Questions? Thanks! danel.khen@sharpkit.net http://sharpkit.net
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