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Barney B. Bookworms Strategic Plan

No description

Jacqueline Slingsby

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Barney B. Bookworms Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The Joplinville Public Library creates possibilities for diverse populations in the community to connect with and learn about themselves, the community and the world.
Presented by Team Barney B. Bookworm
Andrew Walker, Jacque Slingsby, Dawn Mackey
The Joplinville Public Library Strategic Plan 2015-2017
Strategic Plan Timeline
Joplinville Public Library Strategic Plan
Goal 2: Promote lifelong learning through quality and relevant collections
Goal 4: Ensure that the library buildings and grounds are an integral part of the community.
Objective 1: Meeting spaces
Objective 2: Wi-FI access
Objective 3: Community Green Spaces
Goal 5: The Joplinville Library will strive to be fiscally and environmentally responsible member of the community.
Objective 1: Solar Panels and Wind Turbine
Objective 2: Energy Audits
Objective 3: LED Lighting
Goal 1: Improve community services
Objective 1: Expand programming for K-12 and Young Adults
Objective 2: Expanded Outreach/Bookmobile
Goal 3: Increase business and job resources for the residents of Joplinville
Objective 1: Increase availability of eBooks and create eReaders lending program
Objective 2: Increase Holdings or particular interest to community
Objective 1: Increase job and business databases
Objective 2: Increase physical holdings and programing related to careers and business
Guiding Values:


BFF's Forever!!
Miss Kitty's Brothel, Joplinville, 1874
Joplinville Public Library, 2013
Expand K-12 programs 15%/yr
Increase YA program attendance 30% by Jan '16
Bookmobile then
Bookmobile 2015, holds 6,000 books
Bookmobile future
Visit public elementry schools twice/yr
Apply for grant funds by Jan '16
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