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daniel vergara

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of ANCIENT ALIENS

Ancient Aliens thesis
Thesis :The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.

Megalithic Construction: The evidence
With out modern hydraulic technologies we would not have the buildings we have today,so it would be extremely difficult for ancient civilizations to create the pyramids with only basic tools.

Alternate Interpretations
The Unexplained
"Ancient alien theorists believe that visitors from other planets helped humans build architectural wonders like Egypt’s Giza Pyramid. Not only is Giza an incredible feat of engineering for its time, but it lies at the intersection of the longest lines of latitude and longitude. How is this possible? Did the builders of the pyramids already understand the Earth was round and its dimensions?"
The Ancient Aliens series demonstrated ten different pieces of evidence proving that extraterrestrial life could have helped egyptians create a high-tech civilization. I have chosen megalithic construction and precision work to evaluate its accuracy, credibility, plausibility and alternate interpretations.
It is believed that extra-terrestrials gave Ancient egyptians advanced tools to build amazing monuments.
The only way to cut granite was to use a giant saw that was 35 feet in diameter this is suggested by the marks left on a granite stone.
The only way to build massive creations is to have modern and advanced tools.
Megalithic Constructions
The stones weighed tons so it is believed that aliens levitated them into place.
Due to the fact none of the tools that the aliens gave ancient egyptians have been found makes the Ancient Aliens thesis inaccurate. Also evidence was found that sleds were used so levitation is out of the question.
Rather than aliens levitating massive stones it has been hypothesized that
Sleds and ramps
& Log rollers
Were used to mobilize these massive stones.
When real scientist and Paleontologists are on the show it is shown out of context in order to "prove" their theory in a false manner. This makes the show incredible.
The thesis presented is possible but with the evidence we have found makes the theory improbable.
Precision Work: The Evidence
Even with our modern technology we cannot replicate what ancient civilizations accomplished; this is proof that extra-terrestrials helped them.
Ancient Aliens
claims that it is possible to construct these by hand but it would take huge amounts of time and you would need to have years of experience.
The people of Puma Punku had neither a written language nor the wheel, yet they had built one of the worlds most complex structures. This site is seen as clear proof of extra-terrestrial influence.
Puma Punku defies logic.
The stones have such a tremendous shape it requires concept of mathematics that far beyond anything we have today.
If we were to recreate anything they had built, we would need to use CNC machines that are diamond tipped and even then it still would not be as perfect as the ones ancient egyptians built.
Precision Work
Alternate Interpretations
Granite was cut with a two person saw, a tubular saw and a hand held saw
Sand was used to do the cutting and polishing of a stone.
Cutting granite mostly involved copper and sand.
Saw marks left in stones proves that ancient egyptians did this on their own.
Granite stones were usually cut with pounding stone and polishers because granite would wear off the copper
The cast is incredible because they make cutting granite seem impossible if advanced technology is not used and they also fail to mention any other possibilities . Also they contradicted themselves when they said it was possible to do this by hand but continue to say they would not be able to do it without alien tools.
Their theory does not seem to be accurate because ancient egyptians were capable of doing this with basic tools even if it was time consuming. They seem to assume that everything that is complicated to explain has the answer of ALIENS! and we all know that only "asses" ASSume.
This theory is not reasonable at all it is absurd to think that ancient egyptians were not capable of constructing masterpieces.
The Unexplained
How come we aren't able to replicate what ancient egyptians did as perfect as they did even when we have advanced technology?
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