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Welcome to Health!

No description

on 7 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Health!

Welcome to Health!
8th: What will we learn about:

5 Step Process:
1) Warning
2) Isolated lunch
3) Parent contact
4) After school detention
5) Office referral
Communicable diseases:
-causes & transmission of diseases, immune system, common diseases, sexually transmitted diseases & HIV, preventing the spread of diseases
Drugs & alcohol:
-medicine safety, drug classifications, effects on body systems, nervous system, addiction
Human sexuality:
-goal setting, making positive choices, consequences of sexual activity, influence of media, refusal skills
About me:
Hi! I'm Miss Procik! I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2012 with my undergrad degree in kinesiology and physical education with an endorsement in health education. I have been teaching at Heineman for 4 years. In my free time, I love watching and playing sports, traveling and being with my friends, family and my puppy, Ruby!
6th: What will we learn about?
Introduction to health:
- components of health, culture, influences, risks & behaviors, goal setting, decision making
Physical activity:
- muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory, types of exercise, dangers of steroids
- MyPlate/MyPyramid, dietary guidelines, nutrition labels, digestive & excretory systems
First aid & CPR:
-basic first aid skills, hands only CPR

What to bring to class:

Textbooks will be used for in class purposes only.
7th: What will we learn about?
Adolescence & Reproduction:
-physical, mental, emotional & social changes during adolescence, endocrince system, reproduction system, human growth & development
- dangers of tobacco use, respiratory system, methods & benefits of quitting, avoiding tobacco use, peer pressure
Non-communicable disease:
-causes of disease, prevention & treatment of common diseases
Mental & Emotional health:
-stress management, mental & emotional problems including teen suicide
How to be successful:
Grading Procedures:
Grading is based on total points througout the quarter. Your grade will be made up from the following:

Classwork: notes, in-class projects, journal entries, homework

Participation: in-class work, projects, discussions, check for understanding

Assessments: unit tests & quizzes, large projects
Extra Credit?
There will be extra credit opportunities throughout each unit.
Late Work?:
Late work will be accepted until the end of the quarter and graded for half credit.

Feel free to contact me via email at:

Office: Girls Locker Room
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