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World War

No description

Valerie Villanueva

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of World War

Fascism in Italy
The U.S. passes the Neutrality Act from 1935-1937, which forbade the sale of arms/ traveling on ship of countries at war. Benito Mussolini takes control in Italy in 1922, promoting nationalism and glorification of military. In 1935, Italy invades Ethiopia which was the start of Mussolini's empire.
Grade: B
Explanation: We believe that the U.S. passed the Neutrality Act to prevent an event such like the sinking of the Lusitania. The U.S. should have contributed to stop Mussolini because if we stopped him earlier, Mussolini wouldn't have as much power.
Grade: C
Explanation: Even though America was facing the Great Depression, we chose to send 3,000 of our Americans to fight in this war. The U.S. should have been supporting the Americans and fight along their sides. Instead we decide to sacrifice 3,000 of our citizens for our neutral title.
Lend Lease
The U.S. "lends" England and France weapons "like lending neighbors a hose to water their garden." From Spring of 1941 through October, America is drawn closer to the war because the German U-Boats start to sink American ships.
Grade: C
We believe that the U.S. is not staying loyal to their neutrality. When "lending" weapons to England and France, we prove to the Germans that we are not supportive of them. This will create conflict between the U.S. Germany.
The Spanish Civil War 1937-1939
Franco is attempting to overthrow democratic government in Spain. Franco has Hitler's support and tests his new weapons that he built in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. 3,000 Americans fought against Franco in Spain, but the U.S. decides to stay neutral.
America's World War ii Report card

Entered World War II
The U.S. entered the war with Great Britain and the Soviet Union on Dec. 8, 1941. Each group was led by an individual. For example, Britain was led by Churchill, Russia was led by Stalin, and the U.S. was led by Roosevelt. In 1939, Nazi Germany signed a nonaggression pact with Russia. Even though "The Big Three" did not get along, they were forced to work together in order to defeat Hitler.
Overall Grade: B
Japanese American Internment
U.S. Actions in the Pacific War
U.S. Dropping the Atomic Bomb
President Roosevelt signed the Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. This order was directed by Secretary of War, Henry Stimson to designate military zones from which Japanese citizens could be excluded.
Overall Grade: C
Grade: A
Explanation: The U.S. joined the war after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. During the bombing, 2,300 Americans were killed, 188 planes destroyed, and 8 battleships badly damaged. The U.S. entered the war to get revenge for our lost.
Pearl Harbor triggers the Pacific War of WWII. Japan attacks territories that were controlled by the U.S., Great Britain, and Netherlands. The actions that the U.S. took were:
Bombed Japan on April 18, 1942.
U.S. planned to attack Tokyo.
Dropped 500 pound bombs on the region.
What the U.S. was trying to prove was that they will not take anymore attacks from Japan.
Grade: C
The Executive Order 9066 was carried out wrong, but can be reasonable because the U.S. was at war. During the war, identifying the ones who are disloyal to the U.S. would be difficult. Obviously mistreating our citizens is not ideal, but during times like the World War we must limit and adjust our freedoms.
Grade: B
Explanation: The U.S. was trying to protect themselves from Japan. If the U.S. didn't attack Japan, Japan will keep attacking the U.S. We believe that the U.S. was attacking Japan for their own good.
Response to the Holocaust
The U.S. plans an invasion on Japan. In Spring of 1945, Iwa Jima and Okinawa were captured by America. The U.S. air force fired bombs on a number of Japanese cities. In March of 1945, Tokyo was firebombed which killed 80,000 people and destroyed 25,000 buildings. On April 6, 1945 America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima and dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki killing 20,000 residents.
For fourteen months, the U.S. did not take part to prevent the Holocaust, but in 1944 Roosevelt created the WRB. Also, Anti- Semitism ruled America in which restricted any Jews from fleeing to the U.S.
Grade: D
Even though the U.S. created the WRB, almost nothing was funded to support this program. Also, the U.S. State Department was not willing to free 70,000 Jews when they had the chance. To prevent the U.S. from getting involved, Roosevelt hid most information about the Holocaust from Americans.
Grade: D
Women during the World War
During WWII, the U.S. also faced the Great Depression. As the men were off to fight, the women stepped in and took charge. The war work increased women's independence, income, and pride.
Explanation: We believe that dropping the atomic bomb will give up the position of the United States as a great humanitarian nation. The Japanese were already defeated and were ready to surrender. The U.S. should have dropped a bomb that wouldn't cause that much harm and would just give them a warning because they knew that soon the Japanese would surrender to them.
Grade: A
Letting women work in the workforce gives them the opportunity to work out of their homes. Not only is this a great step for women, but the supplies that the women produce is shipped to the men fighting in the war.
Overall Grade: C
By: Valerie Villanueva and maham jabeen
The U.S. joins the war in order to protect itself and the citizens of America. This shows America does not want anything to happen to it's citizens. Yet America knew that the Japanese will soon surrender they still dropped the atomic bomb killing innocent citizens which disproves the U.S. as a great humanitarian nation.
America stayed neutral due to the Great Depression. At the moment, we did not to get involved in another war because we were focusing on rebuilding our economy. Yet, later we decided to lend weapons to France and England, which broke our neutrality.
We were forced to pass the Executive Order 9066 to protect our nation. Creating the Japanese Internment camps were not ideal, but we had to adjust and limit out freedoms. America was not fully aware of the Holocaust because President Roosevelt hid that event from the public. He believed that the nation was not economically stable at the moment. Even though we hardly took part during the Holocaust, women were allowed to work outside of their homes.
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