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jerin davis

on 22 April 2013

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By Jerin Davis
6 - M Main Features IMPACT OF CULTIVATION ON HUMAN LIFE STORING ANIMALS Practice of agriculture,domestication of animals,grinding and polishing of stone tools,manufacturing the pottery and the beginning of a settled life etc.were the salient features of Neolithic age. Man Becomes a Herder the people learnt that they could make some animals their friends with a little effort.Thus,woman,men and children started attracting and tamming animals by leaving food for them near their shelters.The wild ancestor of the dog was the first animal to be tammed by man. 1. Man started living a settled life at one place.

2. Village communities came into existense.

3. Commercial activities were encouraged because of the surplus production.

4. The agricultural technology took off.

5. Exploitation of natural resources began. They also provide us milk and meat.Milk is an important part of our food.Thus,the reared animals can be as a 'store' of food. THE FIRST FARMERS AND HERDERS
(from gathering to growing food) DWELLINGS Traces of huts or houses have been found from some sites.As has already been discussed,with the advent of agriculture the neolithic man started living in huts near his fields. FOOD AND COSTUMES The Neolithic people started eating cooked cereals and meat .They liked to eat grains like rice,wheat and barley.Cooking hearths,both inside and outside the huts,have been found from many sites. IMPACT OF WHEEL ON HUMAN LIFE 1. It improved the making of pottery.Man started beautiful clay ware on the wheel.They were sometimes decorated and were used for sto ring things.People started using pots for cooking food.
2. It helped man travel easily from one place to another.It saved lots of energy. TRIBES Salient Features of a Tribe 1. The occupations like hunting, gathering,farming,herding and fishing are followed by the members of a tribe 2. Meghrgraph
Mehrgraph is on the earliest villages that we know about. It is located in a fertile plain, near the Bolan Pass, one of the most important routes into Iran. 3. Daojali Daojali is the important Neolithic site. It is located on the hills near the Brahmaputra valley, close to routes leading into China and Myanmar.
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