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DHSS Strategy Map

No description

Mat Reidhead

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of DHSS Strategy Map

Who are we? We are... 1 2 3 Health Senior Services Regulation
& licensure We are... We have: A vision... Healthy Missourians For Life We have: A mission... To be the leader in: Promoting Protecting and
for HEALTH Wildly important goals 1) For Missourians 2) For The way we do business Our Customer Perspective:
Ensure that Missourians are healthy, safe and informed. Our Internal Perspective:
Improve health and health care delivery by increasing commitment to and investment in health, prevention and wellness. 3) For Employee learning and growth Our People Perspective:
Engage and invest in our staff by providing access to the resources needed to fulfill our mission. 4) For Fiscal stewardship and accountability Our Financial Perspective:
Maximize returns on the public's investment in us by achieving optimal productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. We Make a Difference. (press the arrow below to advance slides) We Have
Important Goals Missourians will benefit from a strong Health Services Workforce serving all areas of the state. Long-term Care Support and Services will provide Missourians access to a high-quality, consumer and caregiver focused system of care. DHSS will promote safety and quality of services and facilities through its regulatory process. The Public Health System will protect the public through improved preparedness and communicable disease prevention and control. Communication and data dissemination will educate our consumers, engage stakeholders, and provide for more effective interaction. The Public Health System will increase community health through the reduction of individual and environmental risk factors. Increase efficiency and effectiveness with systematic evaluation and process improvement. Increase efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and integrating parallel efforts throughout the health, aging and regulatory continuum in Missouri. Enhanced Prevention and Wellness Efforts will be targeted to areas most likely to improve the health of Missourians and reduce disparities, with an emphasis on documented evidence-based and promising practices. The Department will maximize opportunities presented by Health Reform. Professional Development and Leadership Training will Strengthen Department Staff Capabilities. ITSD’s Role Will Effectively Support Department Functions. The Department will develop new and expand existing partnerships to increase access to financial and technical assistance resources. DHSS will be organized for maximum efficiency, effectiveness and quality improvement. Department financial operations will be continuously evaluated and process improvements will be implemented expediently. DHSS will develop return on investment analyses for department programs and initiatives. We Are... A Sum of Parts.
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