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06.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment

No description

Brooke Nurse

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of 06.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment

Positive Effects Cut travel time in half. Positive Effects Could travel upstream.
Steamboats and Canals The purpose for the steamboat was to enable travel of goods up stream rivers even through currents. It also increased the speed goods traveled at. Overall, it made it easier for goods to travel in rivers. Positive/Negative Pictures Negative Effects Depleted trees and forestry so it could be used for fuel. Negative Effects Most times the steamboats deposited silt into the rivers. Brooke Nurse 06.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment Positive Negative Could travel even if there was a heavy current or wind. Could be used for travel for commercial or for personal transportation. Created a vulnerability for flooding when water rose. The steamboats could not function most times in the winter due to ice and slowed down travel and communication time.
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