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Map Testing Parent Coffee


Michael Rourke

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Map Testing Parent Coffee

Measures of
Academic Progress
MAP Testing @ ISM
Why MAP?

Immediate results
Measures student growth over time and against norms
The MAP Adaptive Assessment

- Items are chosen for the student based on how that student answers the questions.
The MAP test:
Provides information about the instructional level of the student.

Is not a test for determining mastery of skills.
Characteristics of MAP Data?
Uses of Data From MAP Tests
Finding potential gaps
Temperature check of our curriculum
Reference point for our curriculum - identifying trends
Conferencing with students
A sample question:
Sample Math Question
Work the problem on your scratch paper
Click on the best answer
Click on the “Go on” button
Sample Reading Question
Read the passage and select the best answer
Click the “Go on” button
MAP Reports
MAP reports:
Individual Student Progress Report
Norm group average and district average
Student %ile range
Teacher Report - standard deviation; standard error
Goal setting potential
Provides data to inform instruction
Helps inform instructional decisions
Supports differentiation
Program and curriculum evaluation
Grades - 3 through 10

Testing for Reading, Language and Math

Each test takes an average of 40-50 minutes with additional lab set up time for each session

Session one testing window: September 12 - Oct 6
Session two testing window: March 8 - 29

Teachers will accompany their students but trained proctors will administer the test.
Northwest Evaluation Association
NWEA is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Portland, USA.
Individualised & adaptive tests, taken on a computer
What do we get?
Rasch Unit Score ...

... with specific info on:
skills to enhance (where the students have come from)
skills to develop (where the students are at)
skills to introduce (where they are going next)
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Connection and Collaboration
Personal Management and Reflection

Standardized tests provide one piece of assessment data in the process of acquiring information and making judgements about student progress toward intended learning...
The affective domain...
Ethical / Fair
Thank you.
RIT scores do not present a % correct
RITscores range from about 100 to 280
RIT scores match student performance on a given day
Students typically score 180 - 200 in Third Grade and progress to 220 - 260 by HS...
Teachers ...
More difficult to measure than academic content:
Transdisciplinary Skills taught in context
(Hope you don't feel too dizzy!)
Sleep, mood, time of day, previous 30 minutes ...
can all affect the results of 'tests.'

So can content not yet encountered.
What parents can do:
Help students to avoid or manage test anxiety & test ambivalence
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