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Media Portrayal of Marijuana

No description

Maddy Little

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Media Portrayal of Marijuana

IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK: https://prezi.com/n-8ibkiw881r/number-systems/ I will present how different media sources have opposing views on a current event, such as marijuana usage and legalization. Negative Media Voter initiatives that would legalize up to an ounce of pot will be on the ballot in three states in November: Oregon, Colorado and Washington State.
-Fox News Positive Media The Office of National Drug Control Policy quotes a study that found 1 in 6 kids who tries marijuana is at risk of developing a drug addiction in their life.
An article from CBS talks about a little girl, Mykayla, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and has been taking marijuana pills to help her cope with the disease.
"Mykayla's mother credits the drug for the leukemia's remission. The girl says the drug helps her eat and sleep but also makes her feel 'funny.'"
-CBS News Marijuana Showing the different ways in which the media positively or negatively portray the use of Marijuana. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/08/high-times-3-states-vote-on-recreational-marijuana-use/#ixzz2JNjrR25W Works Cited “We need to understand that drugs and gangs go hand in hand,” says Paul Chabot, who advised Presidents Clinton and Bush on drug policy. “They destroy communities. What we have to do is work keeping people off this stuff, not liberalizing policies.”
http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57554075/7-year-old-oregon-girl-treated-with-medical-marijuana/ Image from
Does a Catch-22 Keep Marijuana Labeled a Dangerous Drug? Positive media reports stories of how marijuana helps people with medical problems and has had beneficial influences on peoples' lives. Negative media stories report how marijuana has harmful effects on a person's health.
They use terms such as "pot" to describe the drug in a non-formal way, giving the drug a negative connotation. "Researchers at the University of Oxford have uncovered evidence that cannabis may make enduring pain more bearable."
-Natmonitor.com http://natmonitor.com/2012/12/23/attention-pot-smokers-cannabis-makes-enduring-pain-more-bearable/ Neutral Media Neutral media, such as The Columbian, reported both the positive and negative views on the topic of marijuana, showing that there is no bias toward one view or the other. "Like alcohol Prohibition did in the last century, marijuana prohibition has enriched criminal organizations and compromised public safety here and abroad."
-The Columbian http://www.columbian.com/news/2012/sep/30/no-measure-is-really-a-trap-to-ensnare-regular-use/ Basically, this concludes that since marijuana is not legal, it has lead to violence and crime. So, if marijuana were legalized then crime and violence would be reduced. "There have been dozens of studies that have attempted to determine if there was a direct correlation between the amount of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) present in a driver's blood and driving impairment. Some of the studies go as far back as 30 years...The most common conclusions were that you cannot judge impairment by measuring the levels of THC in blood, or in any other drug besides alcohol."
-The Columbian This explains how there could be negative effects of legalizing marijuana. "Marijuana helps kids with autism spectrum disorders and often results in dramatic behavioral benefits, sometimes even complete relief from their incapacitating symptoms."
-The Guardian Express http://guardianlv.com/2013/01/marijuana-autism-miracle/ By: Maddy Little I will start by giving examples of negative media portrayal of marijuana, then show examples of positive media. And lastly, I will give an example of a media source with a neutral view on the topic.
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