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Homemade electric motor

This Prezi shows how a simple, homemade electric motor works and more. This is my first Prezi so things may be a bit shoddy, but enjoy!

Eric Song

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Homemade electric motor

Homemade Electric Motor How It Works 1. It all starts here with the battery. This supplies electricity for the motor. 2. The electricity flows through this wire... ...and to the switch. 3. When the switch is turned on... Just pretend that this doesn't exist, guys. The current flows through the wire... ...Up


supports... ...and to the wire loop 4. When a current passes through the wire, it becomes an electromagnet(a magnet that is only magnetic when electricity passes through it). magnetic field As you should know, all magnets have two poles, North and South. North South Like poles (north and north or south and south) repel and opposite poles attract. By the way, if you're wondering why I zoomed in so much and then did a roll, when I was making this Prezi I was feeling bored and wanted to do something silly. (Yes, I made this frame for the same reason!) South This permanent magnet has a magnetic field, too. Let's say this pole is south. As like poles repel, the south pole of the electromagnet and the south of the permanent magnet repel. This means that tho two magnets push against each other, pushing the electromagnet around until it's the north pole that's now facing the magnet. North South Now before you go, one final, crucial step happens in this incredible journey. Because the electromagnet has flipped over, the flow of electricity is reversed, causing it's poles to flip, so the south pole is facing the magnet agian. This happens again and again, causing the electromagnet to spin around and around. But that's not all. Before you leave, I've got a nice little video for you to watch. It shows you how to make a simple motor and shows it spinning. The Awesome End! Hopefully, you've learned something about motors. If you think about it, motors are a part of daily life. They are much "greener" than other engines and power all kinds of vehicles, from remote controlled planes and helicopters to cars and trains. And they probably wern't as complicated as you thought... right? Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAAAAAAAA-BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Warning!!! This Prezi includes some exaggerated spinning. If you easily suffer from vomiting or nausea it is recommended that you do not view this Prezi. We will not be held responsible for any medical bills this may cause. Sick bags are not provided. You have been warned! Watch at own risk! Credits!!!!!! Bibliograpy www.howstoffworks.com ScienceOnline(youtube) http://www.evilmadscientist.com Tmac631(youtube) Resources Vidoes from Youtube: Простой самодельный электромотор (Simple homemade electric motor) By zabatsay PSY - GANGNAM STYLE () M/V By officialpsy Magnet wire and magnets purchased at ,85 Gasson St. Extra special thanks to my dad, who helped and supported me for this project. :)
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