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Zeta Pi of Alpha Delta Pi

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Arianna SooHoo

on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of Zeta Pi of Alpha Delta Pi

Zeta Pi of Alpha Delta Pi
Diamond Sister Reveal
"Two of a Kind" Date Dash
Welcome Alumnae!
Dear Sisters,

Thank you for all your continued support of the Zeta Pi chapter! We greatly appreciate it and we could not do it all without your support. Thank you for reinforcing that ADPi isn't just for four years but is for life. I hope you enjoy the presentation!

Arianna SooHoo
Alumnae Relations Chair
Formal Recruitment and Bid Day 2014
Zeta Pi had a very successful recruitment recruiting over 40 new alphas! We would especially like to thank all the alumnae who came out and helped us during the week. We are very excited to see how much our chapter can expand and grow!
District Leadership Conference
During January 31 - February 2, Zeta Pi's executive board and select officers had the amazing opportunity to travel to Orange County and attend District IV's 2014 DLC. We learned so much and hope to make our chapter even better!
Spring 2014
Some of our new alphas
getting excited for our new alphas!!!
Our seniors' last formal recruitment
2014 DLC
We held retreat this semester in La Jolla. To kick off the event with sisterly love, we had diamond sister reveal! It was a great time to bond with our diamond sisters and have a whole day to hang out with all our sisters
Upcoming Events:
March 21 Blue and White Ceremony
March 21-22 Relay for Life
March 24-28 Greek Week with partners Beta Theta Pi
April 4-6 Mom's Weekend
April 12 Diamond Heist Spring Philanthropy Event
May 3 Founder's Day and Jewel Degree

Arianna SooHoo
Alumnae Relations Chair
If you have any questions or would like to get into contact with me, please feel free to email me at:
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