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Chales Babbage

information about 'Charles Babbage'

Seo hannah

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Chales Babbage

'The father of computer' Charles Babbage The life of Charles Babbage If, he didn't born... He invented computer program, if he
didn't born ever... What is his the other
achievement? 1. He invented the rule of calculate and the other topics about math.
2. He made a machine which is can calculate the calculate question.
3. He made a group which is
study about science and math in 1883.
He made 'England association advancement' and he made it more valuable. Can you tell me about
his computer? * He made computer in 1833.It was not already complete, but it could be work.
* It was hard to use it, but it was similar as now computer and it had data and memory on different part. Also, Unit can allow our indication and input & generating power was on different part.
* It is in London science museum. Information about
Charles Babbage 1.Charles Babbage invented
the computer program.
2. He was a professor of Cambridge university in 1828.
3. He studied about the rule of calculate and his the other job was a mathematician.
4. He was born on December 26th 1791 in London, England, and he died on October 18th, 1871 in London, England. The happens without of computer program
1. We can't use internet or any website to search something.

2. We can't use any programs or systems with a computer.

3. There isn't jobs which is about computer.
(professor of computer, computer engineer etc)

4. We can't do any homework with computer.

5. We can't do any things with computer!! (difference engine in 1883) Who is my important person in computing? Do you know ' The father of computer'? He is 'Charles Babbage'!! Did you enjoy my presentation about
'Charles Babbage? 'Charles Baggage, the father of computer' is END. THANK YOU FOR LISTEN MY PRESENTATION!!
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