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Around The World In 80 Days

No description

Ali Pourmand

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Around The World In 80 Days

By: Amir Pourmand
Seven Locks ES
December 13, 2012 Around the World in 80 Days. My letter to the author,

Jules Verne December, 2012
Dear Mr. Jules Verne,

I truly honor your book, "Around the World in 80 Days". Your book had good details about the characters. You described them very well, like Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and all of the characters were explained so well I could imagine what they looked like! For example, when you were talking about Phileas Fogg's schedule every day, I could imagine what it looked like, probably like what the school schedule is. (8:00 wake up, 8:23 breakfast, 9:37 shave, etc.) I especially liked the parts when it was suspenseful like a cliffhanger or the climax. Going back to the story, when you wrote, "having made it around the world in 80 days, he arrived just five minutes too late- he had lost the bet!" Last line of chapter 16.

In my opinion, this was a cliffhanger ending this chapter with suspense. Lastly, the book that you wrote, had places that Phileas Fogg went where I didn't even know about those places! For example, I didn't know about Dover, England when Mr. Fogg was leaving to go there, I didn't know where Turin, Italy is and I didn't know where Brindisi was where Mr. Fogg and Passepartout were taking a train to there. These were information I didn't know and that was very good geography. By writing this book, you taught me that an on time person is always successful in different scenarios. I also like this book because it shows how a man can use different ways of transportation to get to places like a hot air balloon or elephant or boat. In conclusion, I would give your book a 5 star rating because it was perfect. Thanks for reading my letter and thank you for writing this book so I could do it for my project.

Amir Pourmand My timeline for Around the World in 80 Days. The 10 events... Passepartout was chosen as Phileas Foggs new butler. 10 Events timeline. Oct 2, 1867 Oct 2, 1867 Phileas Fogg made the bet with Andrew Stuart that he could make it around the world in 80 days. Oct 22, 1867 Mr. Fogg and Passepartout
aboard the elephant to get to
Hong Kong. They meet a man
named Ali. Oct 21, 1867 Mr. Fogg and
Passepartout met
Sir Francis Cromarty and
he joined their tour of the world. Oct 22, 1867 Phileas Fogg, Passepartout,
Sir Francis and Ali saw bandits carrying
people with them. The men saved
a women named Auoda and she joined the
tour. Oct 23, 1867 Passepartout broke the law in
India by going into a temple that
he wasn't allowed in,
and Phileas Fogg paid $4,050
because they didn't want to get
cut off on their trip. November, 1867 Passepartout leaves Phileas and
Audou alone in Hong Kong while
he travels to Yokohama, Japan by himself! Dec 21, 1867 Dec 21, 1867 Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and
Audou made it around the world in 80 days! Phileas Fogg WINS! Dec 21, 1867 Phileas Fogg married
Ms. Audou after they deposited
their 8000 pounds check. Mr. Fix, (a detective)
mistakenly arrested Phileas
Fogg because of a robbery.
Mr. Fogg got out of jail a few
hours later.
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