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How lifestyle choices can affect health and fitness

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Georgie Lewis

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of How lifestyle choices can affect health and fitness

How lifestyle choices can affect healt and fitness DIET need to have a balanced diet containing the correct amounts of each of the 7 food groups the amount of the 7 food groups you need will vary depending on sex, stage of growth, amounts + type of daily activity your carrying out having too much or too little of the 7 food groups effects both your health and fitness lack of physical activity and consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates has contributed to obesity and heart disease problems EXERCISE essential for the maitenance of health + fitness if you don't do some sort of exercise you will suffer from: diminished aerobic fitness - heart muscle will become less able to work, number of capillaries in lungs + muscle will decrease - won't be able to run for the bus/do the gardening reduced flexibility - become less mobile and a reduced range of movements around the joints reduced strength - all strength components will diminish, muscle tone and lost + a lot of muscle wastage body composition - will change if energy input and output is not balanced if children from a young age don't partake in regular exercise they will have an increased risk of heart disease + obesity, not develop joint stability, flexibility and muscular strength ALCOHOL problems with regular drinking: national curriculum for england has a specific element in the schemes of work relating to fitness and health - students need to have a knowledge and understanding of fitness + help - this is called the 'Department of Health' there is an education system trying to encorporate it liver damage - fatty liver etc cancer - mouth, liver, stomach, rectum heart disease + high blood pressure - alcohol raises blood pressure problems with the digestive system - inflamation of the stomach lining, ulcers... Psychiatric disorders - heavy drinking closely linked with mental health issues such as depression reproductive problems: in men - long term loss of potency, in women - menstrual cycle disrupted, infertility and birth defects alcohol dependance: 7% adults in UK slightly dependant, can happen to anyone lung cancer heart diseases bronchitis strokes stomach ulcers leukaemia gangrene other cancers effects of smoking can't be undone or improved by diet or regular exercise SMOKING Smoking causes:
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