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Your Personal Brand

Kevin Frank Tulane University School of Architecture - Career Development Workshop November 14, 2012

Kevin Frank

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Your Personal Brand

My artfully disheveled
hair says I'm not beholden
to your societal norms
My t-shirt projects youthful
enthusiasm, while my sports-coat reminds you that I am a confident professional
My passion for design is evident every time I open my big Danish mouth
My couture ensemble is
out of your price range, much like my architecture
My wild flowing hair alludes to the sensuous feminine forms
for which I am famous
My perfectly monochromatic makeup
suggests my dogmatic
design sensibilities
In case you haven't noticed,
I am very, very Swiss
My distant gaze is
contemplative, suggesting
the thorough consideration I give each of my designs
I am a mysterious shaman,
delivering my masterful
designs from an isolated faraway land
Kevin Frank
Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett Group
Editor in Chief, ARCHILEPSY Magazine
Founder, Oh My Graphics
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