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Copy of Cloudstreet: Voices - Arrest

English Advanced

Julia Herbert

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Cloudstreet: Voices - Arrest

Narrative Features
Cloudstreet: Voices - Arrest
Australian Identity
Narrative voice
3rd person throughout the section.
Focus on Rose's point of view, with a few sections from Quick and Sam's.
After Dolly breaks her leg, the point of view shifts rapidly from person to person, which shows the chaos the 'shifting shadow' is causing.
Narrative structure
- Cloud Street
- Bairds (Telephone exchange)
- On the river
- Mosman
No speech marks
Rapidly changes from one point of view to another
References to past events
Language Features
Recurring Motifs
Rose made of metal
Fish on the water
Knife never lies
Talking to the pig
Middle C
The Shifty Shadow
Hypothetical, as the Smartbums Say, pg 312
Rose and Quick are together on the water.
"All her life she's been angry, and now she can't feel it, when she should feel it strong and hard like metal under her skin."
Outside Chance, pg 317 (before Rose and Quick marry)
"Rose had never felt so much iron in her."
Steel, pg 338
"She [Rose] felt like she was made of steel. It was shiny and bitter and it shone all around like starlight. She was steel Quick couldn't know. No one could know."

Arrest, pg 349
"Your mother's on her bed under some stranger and you're turning to steel right there."
Arrest, pg 351
"Rose stands there her hair about her like a storm-cloud, all the steel gone out of her.
Salmon and onion sandwiches
"Chook and two veg with gravy, jugs of beer, sherry and lemonade."
Toby Raven talks about a lot of writers
"Hammet, Steinbeck, Hemingway, James Jones, Mailer, D. G. Lawrence, Xavier Herbert, Sillitoe, Camus..."
"He quoted Rimbaud by the river and Freud by the sea"
Australian language
"You silly bugger"
"Salmon and onion sangers"
"You're true blue"
"Late in summer, Quick found the boat the old man had bought years ago, the one Fish and he had rowed from Freo when they were kids."
"You [Quick] took me [Fish] one time. Remember? We goed in the stars."
"I [Fish] like the water."
Belief System/Spirituality
Dwellingplace, pg 313
"I just stumbled into Heaven, Rose says.
Quick just stands and smiles.
You believe in Fate?
He shakes his head."
Landscape and Place
Importance of Family and Community
The reflections between earth, fire and water.
There is constant reference to the history of the land through the presence of the aboriginal man.
The concept of the Pickles and the Lambs sharing their house relates to the sharing of land with the aboriginal man.
This section of the book encourages the reader to question their place in the world.
It shows constant reference to water and Fish’s connection to this element. Fish’s fascination with water and longing to be submerged in it suggests that he is constantly questioning his existence in an indirect way.
At Rose and Quick’s wedding, Oriel and Dolly dance together and in a way ‘unite’ – just like Rose and Quick are. This is so significant, because there has never been the friendly connection between these two, and it really highlights the importance of giving those around you a chance, especially since they are now family.
Silhouettes, Page 304
"So, what dyou live for?
The old man laughed: The family, Quick. Your mother'n me always had that in common. Take away the family and that's it, there's no point...I know I had a family and I enjoyed every bit of it."
Other ways in which the importance of family is explored:
Rose losing her baby
Ted dying
Grandeur, Almost, Page 321
“Oriel Lamb takes her by the hand and waist and they move out onto the floor in a slow rhythm that sobers the entire place. The short, boxy woman slips around gracefully, holding the old beauty up, and turn by turn something grows.”
• Descriptive
• Metaphorical
• Holding the old beauty up implies that Oriel is the stronger woman, supporting Dolly in many ways.
Silhouettes, pg 302
"Fish would head off towards the pig who slouched up against the fence in his smelly enclosure, and Quick would hear him talking. To a bloody pig."
Grandeaur, Almost, pg 318
Quick is waiting for Rose to come up the aisle.
"The knife never lies... should have spun the old knife, he thinks, just for a laugh. Though maybe we could do without predictions today.
Hypothetical, as the Smartbums Say, pg 310
Quick and Rose are talking.
"What'm I like? He takes up the oars again. Even in a coat and beanie he looks thing. A bit lost, I spose.
The lost Lamb.
Yeah, I feel a bit sheepish about that."
Silhouettes, pg 303
"I [Lester] wanted people to think well of me. And I wanted to be loved by God."
Hypothetical, as the Smartbums Say, pg 312
Rose and Quick are talking on the water
"Jesus Christ! What'd you do that for?
Don't talk like that, I don't like it."
Shows all the complicated relationships between people and their place in society.
In these chapters, Fish goes on the boat for a second time however he can not see the stars in the water, this implies that Fish may have found his way and no longer needs the stars as clues to show him where he belongs: in the water.
These chapters really show how the characters have changed since the beginning of the novel and they explore and develop their lives in unexpected ways - shows how life can take unexpected twists and turns.
These chapters show haw landscape and place has effected and shaped Rose as a person. The city takes an effect on her as do the different variety of people and she picks up on trends and explores her new found confidence by talking through the switch board at Bairds.
The river is a barrier between the aboriginal man and Quick, it is as if they feel more comfortable at a distance.
The city of Perth contrasts with Cloudstreet, one is fast moving and the other slow, methodical and steady.
After the war, Gallipoli became an important part of Australian heritage.
Silhouettes, pg 303
"You know, I [Lester] was in the calvalry at Gallipoli"
The Blacks and Whites, pg 335
"Fish Lamb clumps the piano, but all that comes from it is the thick unending drone of middle C and he's not pleased. He knows the sound of his own music, and this is not it."
The Shifty Shadow, pg 332
"Sam Pickles woke up before the winter dawn with his stump tingling and the smell of his dead father there under the blankets, and he lay awake, cold and sweaty, knowing the Shifty Shadow had moved across him, ad that today was no day to get out of bed."
Two Florins, pg 341
"Lester put two coins down on the bench.
Florins, Quick said.
The year Fish was born.
Have you kept em?
No, I only found em tonight.
Down the river?
In the fish?
He coughed em out with the hook. Out they came, mintfresh. Like a sign. I'll give em to Fish."
Silhouettes, pg 300
Quick reflecting on the river
"Every important thing that happened to him it seemed, had to do with a river. It was insistent, quietly forceful like the force of his own blood. Sometimes he thought of it as the land's blood: it roiled with life and living."
Significant Events
Dolly and Oriel dancing together
Rose's baby and Ted die
Ghosts of the old white woman and young black woman in Cloudstreet - shows how close the white and black people lived to each other
Voices, pg 280
"Rose learnt ways to meet men that Darleen, Merle and Alma had been using for years, and she discovered that wit headset and a bank of wires between her and whoever she was talking to, she was as confident as all getout; full of cheek and fun,"
Fish is the bridge between the world of the living and the world of the dead. He is halfway between the two worlds. This means that he can see the ghosts the room with the piano, where the young black woman poisoned herself, and the old white woman died with her nose on middle C. The two women hate each other, and Fish tries to make them go away, but they don't listen.
The Blacks and Whites, pg 335
"The two women bare their teeth at each other, dark and light, light and dark, hating, hurting, hissing silently until Fish...becomes an angry, heavy, menacing man for a moment, and bawls at the walls.
I hate youse you stupids! This is my house!"
Rose is a focus in this section. The references to how she is made of steel (or iron) give us an insight to her character. They show that she has had to be strong and in control ever since Sam lost his fingers, but when Ted and her baby die, this changes. She is forced to go and help Dolly, the mother who neglected and hated her, and it takes the steel out of her.
Dolly has a few important moments in this section that change our perception of her. First is her dance with Oriel. Oriel offered the dance, but the fact that Dolly accepted shows a change in her attitude towards Oriel. Also, the way Dolly reacted when Ted, who was the only one of her children she had any affection for, died, shows her as possessing more feeling than the reader had previously given her credit for.
Fish playing the piano
- Rose is working at the switchboard and meets Toby Raven
- She go out and are soon very close.
- Toby is an aspiring poet, and after a lot of frustration an editor agrees to publish one of his poems.
- Toby and Rose visit the editor’s house. Toby starts talking about his poem, and they soon realise that they have the wrong poet.
- To cover his embarrassment, Toby mocks Rose, telling the men about a comedic piece he is planning to write about her house - about the woman who lives in a tent in the backyard, and how Rose used to love Fish.
- Rose, upset and humiliated, runs out.
- Meanwhile, Quick finds the boat Lester bought when Quick was a kid, that Quick and Fish rowed home together.
- Quick patches up the boat and begins catching fish for the shop.
- One night Quick agrees to take Fish with him.
- While they are on the water, Quick finds Rose crying on the shore after being humiliated by Toby.
- Rose joins Quick and Fish in the boat. Fish goes to sleep, and Rose and Quick enjoy each other’s company.
- The next morning, they announce to their respective parents that they are going to be married in six weeks.
- Rose and Quick get married, and at the wedding, Oriel and Dolly dance together.
- Rose wants to live in a new house, and Quick wants to become a policeman.
- They go to live in a house in Mosman with a woman called Mrs Manners while it is built. They both work as hard as they can to pay for the new house.
- Quick qualifies as a policeman, and soon discovers that he’s not doing a lot more walking that helping people.
- Rose gets pregnant.
- Sam wakes to find that the shifty shadow has moved, and decides not to get out of bed until it passes over.
- Dolly does get out of bed. She then falls down the stairs and breaks her leg.
- Rose has a miscarriage.
- Ted, the only child Dolly cared for, dies while trying to get his weight down to be a jockey.
- Rose becomes anorexic and quits her job at the telephone exchange.
- Dolly goes missing. When she is found, Rose is forced into helping her, even though she doesn’t want to.
Significant Events
Do you believe that Dolly and Oriel dancing together at Rose and Quick's wedding is one of the most significant parts of the book in regards to character relationships?
What do you think the significance of Lester finding the two florins from the year Fish was born is?
What do you think the motif of Rose being made of steel means?
In these chapters, Fish can no longer see the stars on the water. Why do you think this is? Does this show his development as a character?
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