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Prezi:Avoid Death by PowerPoint

This presentation explores the reasons why Prezi is a great alternative to Power Point presentations

Hector Escalante

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Prezi:Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Prezi: Avoid Death
by PowerPoint

George Lois
"All the tools in the world are meaningless without an essential idea."
What do you remember?
-What people tell you?
-Whatpeople show you?
How are you feeling right now?
We think in "Metaphor" and we understand stories
The method of "Loci" or "The Journey"
method uses visualization to organize
and recall information.
It also works in presentations!
Meaningful Structure
"Flow" your story
Think of a spatial narrative
Course Objectives:
What Prezi is
Showing vs Telling
How Prezi impacts audience
How Prezi works & How You work it
Showing Vs Telling

A web-based presentation application and story telling tool.
Tasks: Time to Tinker
Outline a three point message
Sign up and log in
Pick a template or create your own
Pick an image for each major point
Edit Path
Add images, media, & Shapes
Frame your text and resize it
Share your Prezi...maybe?
Show us your story
Writing in Space
What is Prezi???
It "shows" not just "tells"
your audience what you want
them to see
What are you hoping the Prezi Program can do for your presentations?
How you feel
How you think
What you remember
Do your presentations have.....
Facilitator Bio: Hector Escalante
Pacific Alumnus
How I see myself
How others see me
Learning & Development Program Manager
20 years In education
15 + years in management
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