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Scientific Notation

No description

Yousif Kiryakous

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Scientific Notation

How to write Scientifc Notation?
The two ways that scientific notation can be written as:
How Scientific Notation is used in Math?
Example 2
How Scientific Notation is used in sports?
In scientific notation,the first factor,the coefficient, is a number that is greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10 and the second factor is a power of 10.
Scientific Notation
Example 3
How Scientific Notation is used in chemistry
By: Yousif Kiryakous
What is Scientfic Notation?
How Scientifc Notation is used in Astronomy?
Scientific notation is a way to express very large and very small numbers.
When the exponent is a negative number it means the decimal is going to the right.
When the exponent is a postive number it means the decimal is going to the left.
Mass of an atom
How many atoms are in a body
How small is an atom
Atoms length
How big is DNA or RNA

Distance from the Earth to the Sun
The Sun's diameter
The length of a supergiant
Distance from a star to another star
The length of a galaxy
Mass of the Sun
Example 1
What is the mass of a 1 carat diamond in scientific notation? Mass of a 1 carat diamond is 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,020 grams.
2.0 × 10-23

What is the standard form of 1.989×1033?
To simplify big numbers to be easier to divide, multiply, add, and subract. To make the cofficient easier to say, read, and write
(4.215 x 10-2) + (3.2 x 10-4) = 4.247 x 10-2
(3.4 x 106)(4.2 x 103) = 1.4 x 1010
(3.2 x 103)/(5.7 x 10-2) = 5.6 x 104
A football field
A baseball field
A soccer field
A basketball field
Length of a stadium
People in a staduim
People watch
If 1,257,000,000,000 people are watching sports every year, what is that in scientific notation?
Scientific notation is important is the world because it makes reading, saying, and writing large or small number easier by using less digits instead of many zeros.
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