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Othello Scrapbook

No description

Alana Lawton

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Othello Scrapbook

THE END Othello Othello is a black general from the Union. We cast Dwayne Boyd as Othello because of the color of his skin and because his look is similar to Othello's look in the movie. Othello Desdemona is Brabantio's daughter. She is a white Northern girl, and she controversially marries Othello. We cast Reese Witherspoon because her blond hair and fair skin emphasize the difference in race between her and Othello. Desdemona Brabantio Gratiano Iago Emilia Cassio Roderigo Lodovico Montano Montano Bianca Clown Attendant(s) Duke of Venice Explanation Set Set by:
Emily Tenuta
Anna-Maria Bagan
Sara Winfrey
Alana Lawton
Kathryne Cole
Josie Seavers We choose to move the story of Othello forward into the Civil War era. In this time period, the prejudice against colored people was still very present and largely influenced society, as it was in the original script. We decided to move action in Venice to Baltimore, Maryland, while Cyprus became Georgia. Therefore, the characters are from Baltimore, but are temporarily stationed in Georgia while the Civil War is being fought. The majority of the play takes place in Georgia, specifically inside and around the plantation home Othello is temporarily residing in. Iago is captain under Othello. He is the villain of the play and will be played by Heath Ledger. We chose Heath Ledger to play the part of Iago based on his brilliant performance as the villain in the Dark Night. Brabantio is Desdemona's father and the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland. We cast Dann Florek as Brabantio because of his older age. Bianca is a Southern prostitute who is in love with Cassio. We chose Mila Kunis as Bianca because she emulates the promiscuity Bianca represents. Emilia is Iago's wife and Desdamona's attendant. We cast Terri Hatcher becasue she needed to be older than Reese Witherspoon, who plays Desdemona. Cassio is the lieutenant under Othello, or second in command. We cast Christian Bale because he looks powerful and in charge. Roderigo is a society man. He is working with Iago, without knowing his real plan, to get Desdemona, who is his true love. We chose Leonardo DiCaprio to play the part of Roderigo because of his sophisticated look. Lodovico is a Northern society man. He is Desdemona's cousin. We cast Christian Hemsworth because he can portray a sophisticated look. Gratiano is Lodovico's father. We cast George Clooney as Gratiano becasue of his older age and sophisticated apperance. Montano, the Union general before Othello, will be played by Tom Hardy because he can portray a figure of authority. The Duke of Venice was transformed into the governor Maryland (this plays version of Venice). He sends Othello to Georgia (this plays version of Cyprus) to fight the Civil War as the general of the Union. We cast Tom Hanks as the governor of Maryland (Duke of Venice) because of his sophisticated and authoritative look. The clown is a comedic servant to Othello and Desdemona. We cast Zach Galifianakis as the clown because he is a comedian. The attendants appear at various points in the play, but rarely speak. They generally accompany the major characters. We cast Jason Sudeikis and Paul Rudd as two of the attendents.
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