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The Cantebury Tales: The Parson's Tale

No description

Lena Hicks

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of The Cantebury Tales: The Parson's Tale

Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales The Parson's Tale Lena Hicks How I view the Parson " A holy-minded man of good renown there was, and poor, the Parson to a town yet he was rich in holy thought and work." Yes that man is Moses (based on textual evidence) Physical Appearance "To judge by your looks, you could knit mighty matters out of books." -The Host He's holding a Bible Holy Remedies Wise Poor Humble Remedies for the 7 Deadly Sins Pride Envy Anger humility/true self-knowledge love God, your neighbor, and your enemy patience Remedies for the 7 Deadly Sins Accidie/Sloth Avarice Gluttony Lechery/Lust Fortitude Mercy abstinence, temperance, and sobriety withdraw from the fire of temptation Summary of
the Parson "Holy and virtuous he was, but then never contemptuous of sinful men, never disdainful, never too proud or fine, but was discreet in teaching and benign."
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