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SENZ Umbrellas - Taking The World By Storm

No description

Davide Indriolo

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of SENZ Umbrellas - Taking The World By Storm

SENZ Umbrellas
Taking The World By Storm

Main Problems
The Company
Senz Umbrellas was founded in 2005 by three students of the Delft University of Technology.
From the very beginning, production is done in China.

"Never again soaking wet people with broken umbrellas left lying in the street"

"SENZ Umbrellas offers high-quality umbrellas used by image-sensitive people to mark themselves out from the crowd"
Who recognizes
the following problem?
“We can travel to the moon and back now, but we can’t make a decent umbrella!”

Gerwin Hoogendoorn
Marketing Strategy
Three Different Strategy
Become a technology supplier by licensing out the SENZ.
Promotion activities limited to contacting to established umbrella brands and demonstrating their prototypes
Adopt a white label strategy. a umbrella brand was responsible for the umbrella
Design and arranging umbrella production
Develop a new umbrella brand .
High investment and high risks.


High-end umbrellas sold at 10€ and above

Ease of use

SENZ sells physically in 19 countries
SENZ wanted to work with relatively top-end retailers
We can buy an umbrella through SENZ Website
SENZ do not spend a lot of money in promotion

“With this great group of people, we are now working hard to grow senz to a global brand. We'd like to take you with us on our journey, so make sure to follow us through our website, Facebook and Twitter, ´cause there's much more coming your way!”
New design
Aerodynamic principles
Asymmetrically rounded
"Stormproof" and virtually unbreakable
UV protection
2 year storm warranty
The high price would position the umbrellas as unique, high quality products
The higher price was also necessary to cover production costs which would be higher than for standard umbrellas due to the model’s deviant shape
High margins in order to penetrate the market and make use of its first mover advantage
High margin to invest in research to finance the development
Media Exposure
Senz in the new campaign of Mazda3
(The ad can be seen in magazines like Linda and Top Gear)
Dutch Newspaper
RTL (German Television) and Romanian Television
BNR (German Radio Station)
Users innovation played, plays, a major role in the future for the development and improvement of Senz Umbrellas’ products
Spontaneous suggestions from users for improvements
Continuous feedback from selected group of users (large role for social media to tap from user innovations)

Lessons Learned
• What is marketing (marketing definition, marketing process)

• Highlight the strong correlation that exist between marketing and entrepreneurships

• Marketing in Smes (how it works, in which aspects and why is different from big firms marketing)

• Strategies, methods and tools available to entrepreneur

• Common approaches used by entrepreneurs during the company lifecycle

• How new technologies changed marketing channels and consequently have affected the way to do marketing

• Practical examples and cases in order to help you figuring out how to do marketing
Thanks for your attention
Antonelli, Fenzi, Indriolo, Paltenghi, Pezzoli, Regolini, Uggè
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