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Timeline Project- Lincoln's Grave Robbers, History 802

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M. Sitaram

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Timeline Project- Lincoln's Grave Robbers, History 802

By Maya Sitaram

Abraham Lincoln is assassinated
April 14, 1865
While watching "Our American Cousin" in the Ford's Theater, Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. He had severe injuries to the back of his head after the catastrophe and later passed away in the home of tailor William Petersen.
Swegles learns the grave robbing plot
Boodle game experts Hughes and Mullen reveal a grave robbing plot to Swegles, "the king of all ropers." They plan to hold Lincoln's body for ransom in the sand dunes along the shore of Lake Michigan. But, unlike Big Jim Kennally's attempt, they will execute the robbery with the help of secretive crew members.
Tyrrell's "Reward"
"B.F.Wilson" or Benjamin Boyd is arrested- October 22, 1865 9:00 A.M.
Tyrell, a Secret Service agent, is sent by Secret Service chief Elmer Washburn to capture Benjamin Boyd. Once Benjamin Boyd, a master engraver and counterfeiter, is found in his white home along the Mississippi River, Tyrell and his fellow secret service agents raid the property and arrest him
This timeline shares the
of a counterfeiting conspiracy in the novel
Lincoln's Grave Robbers
Steve Sheinkin.
The plot starts in the year
, when counterfeiting is out of hand. Master engraver,
Ben Boyd
, has been arrested and this affects business in a very bad way. In order to release
from prision, his
hatch a plot to steal
from his grave. The climax builds to the night of the kidnapping when the crew hopes steal and hold Lincoln's body for ransom to collect the bail money.

"Big Jim" and the Logan County Gang attempt to steal Lincoln's body
James Kennally, boss of the counterfeiting ring, and the infamous Logan County Gang scheme up a plan to collect bail money for Boyd 's release. Their plans were to steal President Lincoln's body from the Lincoln Monument and hold it for ransom. However, the conspiracy's details are leaked, and the gossip prevents them carrying out the grave robbery.
July 3, 1876
Battle of Little Bighorn
June 25 and 26, 1876
General Armstrong Custer and the U.S. Army find themselves in a fight with the Lakota and Cheyenne Indian tribes. In a fierce battle, the Indian warriors surround and defeat the U.S. Army.
October 24, 1876
The grave robbers arrive in Springfield, IL
November 7, 1876 6:00 AM
After the long journey aboard an overnight train, the gang pulls into the Springfield station ready to carry out the robbery.
The night of the Lincoln's grave robbery
November 7, 1876 8:30 P.M.
Hughes, Mullen, Swegles, and Brown set off for The Lincoln Monument in pursuit of capturing the body of Abraham Lincoln. Also on the monument grounds is Elmer Washburn, John McDonald, John English, and Patrick Tyrrell trying to defend the site
Hughes and Mullen trudge to Sherman, Illinois
November 8, 8:00 A.M.
After a long night of trying to escape the crime scene of the Lincoln Monument, Hughes and Mullen find themselves in Sherman, IL. They stumble upon Keagle and Dixon, two country farmers, and become suspicious characters to them.
Hughes and Mullen reach Chestnut, IL
November 9, 1876
The two robbers trek forty miles northeast of Springfield to come upon a railroad station in Chestnut. Although they had no money for train tickets, they used their clever wit to sneak their way out of paying for the ride.
Capture of Jack Hughes and Terrence Mullen
November 17, 1876
John McGinn and Denny Simmons aid Patrick Tyrrell in the two criminals' arrest. They caught Jack Hughes sleeping upon a chair and Terrence Mullen behind the bar in the Hub. Later they were hauled to the Chicago Central Police Station for interrogation
Trial of Jack Hughes and Terrence Mullen
May 29, 1877
The trial began in a crowded Springfield courtroom packed with local reporters recording the event. Prosecutor Charles Reed produces a parade of witness who accuse the two suspects of stealing. Whereas, defense attorneys ran out of convincing material to prove their innocence
The Jury delivers its verdict
May 30, 1877
The next morning, the courtroom was eager to hear the verdict of the grave robbing case. The jury announced, "...we...find the defendants guilty as charged." The two criminals were sentenced to the confinement in the penitentiary at one year each.

June 21, 1877
After the conviction of Hughes and Mullen, Tyrrell had visited the office of Robert Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln. Through all the efforts Tyrrell had given to protect his father's remains, Lincoln rewarded him with a large portrait of the former president, Abraham Lincoln.
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