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Amna Chaudhry

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of GLOBAL POVERTY

What is Global Poverty?

Global poverty is when one lacks:

- Food
- Shelter
- Clean water
- Health
- Education

How did poverty begin?
Poverty began through the presence of:
geographic luck
- Fertile crescent

- Ruling of others
- Inequality
- economic based society

Effects of Poverty

Child Poverty [Economic]
Forced Labour [Political]
Voices of the poor are not heard [Social]
Case Study: Ethiopia

Poverty seen in Ethiopia

- Majority dependent on agriculture
- Low income of farmers

Further analyzing Ethiopia
Solutions and why they don't occur

Fair Trading
- U.S, Canada & EU does not want this to happen
- Keeps developing countries dependent.
Possible Solutions to solve Global Poverty

Solving World Hunger [Economic]
Having an Equal food distribution

Increasing Fair Trade [Economic/ Social]
Improve economy

Investing for schools/ Health Centers [Economic/ Political]
Increases life expectancy
Less illnesses
More jobs
More Education

Helps citizens by providing them with food & water

Food for Work/ Education programs [Economic/ Political]
Future generation more independent

Educating women [Economic/ Social]
Less population suffering from poverty

Prioritize Poverty [Social]
More awareness

Less Divide between rich and poor [Economic]

Although previous solutions are hard to achieve, there are still some organizations that relieve developing nations from poverty.

Some of the many organizations include:

We Day
Green Peace
Why these solutions are difficult to achieve

World Hunger [Economic]
Unequal distribution of food
Trading is unfair
Local farms not subsidized

Fair Trade [Political]
WTO want developing nations poor

Investing for schools/ health centers [Political]
Where will they get the money from? Loans?

Aid [Social/ Economic/ Political]
More dependent on aid

Food for work/ education programs [Economic]
If food problems are solved, how will they earn money for other needs?

Educating women [Social]
Women rights are limited in developing world

Prioritizing Poverty [Social]
Ads are depicted wrongfully

Less Divide between rich and poor nations [Economic]
Rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer

Argument/ Opinion

Global poverty is preventable in the 21st century, however this task is difficult since it is an obstacle to get a world that is 100% poverty-free.

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