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Alexander Belanger

on 22 January 2014

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Cause and Effect
Porfirio Diaz was in office for over 30 years, his Presidency caused:
Huge foreign investments that sent Mexico into Debt
Foreign investors gained a lot of land from the lower class.
Angered Mexican Citizens
Produced great difference between upper and lower classes
Upper class gets more land and more money
Society and Economy
Aftermath of the Revolution


Francisco Madero was put into office by default after Diaz fled office
Madero did not live up to the promise he made when leading the revolution.
Refused to reform the land actions
Executed by Victoriano Huerta
Victoriano Huerta took his place
Previously Huerta was the leader of the federal army.
Attempted to restore Diaz's style of rule.
Inforced Personal Dictatorship.
Very poor working class
Lower class was forced to give away their land.
Lower class was forced to provide cheap labor.
Many mexicans ran to the U.S. and El Paso.
Major Revolutionaries
Francisco Madero
First person to directly challenge Diaz
Pancho Villa
The leader of the northern forces
Venustiano Carranza
The political leader of the rebellion
Pascual Orozco
The leader of revolutionaries fighting against Madero
Starting Point
Tension in Mexican States
Conservative Groups formed to start a revolt against Porfirio Diaz's Reign
To help better forms of government reform Mexico
Upper class opposed the presidents ideals
The upper class was kept away from government affairs
Diplomatic links between Mexico, and the U.S. are restored
Villa fled the mexican government
Obregon is the first president after the revolution
The Revolution ingrained itself in Mexico's mind
It became a basis of decision making in Mexico
Pancho Villa
Francisco Madero

Porfirio Diaz
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events and big details that other sources leave out. This book is credible
because the author, Rebecca Stefoff, has written many resourceful
biographies and are used in our current library.

http://www.andrewclem.com/Photos/Mexico Mexico,2003_MexicoCity.html
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