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Dominos Case Study

In 2009 Dominos experienced a crisis from the result of YouTube videos posted of two of their employees mishandling their product. This report explains what happened after.

Hillary Liebtag

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Dominos Case Study

Established in 1965 Employs 15,000 people
Franchised more than 8,000 stores Largest pizza delivery chain in the USA No small company SO WHATS THEIR PROBLEM? Him... When:April 2009
Where:Conover NC
What:Privately posted YouTube videos OF WHAT!? Cheese in their nose
Snot on a sandwich
Dish washing sponge down the back of their pants! AND ITS ON
SO IT MUST BE TRUE! ISSUE?...yes:( Posted on Monday... no response till Wednesday
Video viewed 550,000 times 65% of respondents who would previously visit or
order Dominos were less likely to do so after
watching- (national study) so what now?! Hire a PR firm? Close all your Stores? Nope! Dominos did it all themselves Twitter Account YouTube Apology Dominos Website Apology Employees Tweeted Apology Closed YouTube Stores Sanitized YouTube Stores Review Hiring Practices Short Term... Long Term... 2 way Communication
which led to... NEW PIZZA! TV ads showed focus groups
complaining about the nasty taste "Crust tasted like cardboard and its sauce was reminiscent of ketchup” soo.. after 50 years.. they changed it! Because of the scandal they now
had a strong holding in social media They tweet, and YouTube, and FB...DUHH! They also have a new campaign
attacking Papa Johns calling their
"better ingredients better pizza" slogan
Puffery.... no really...
they define puffery
on their website...
they're serious This proves their confidence
in their pizza and a rise out
of the ashes of conflict so whats the big idea? This Crisis occured on the Internet. Dominos did take 2 days to respond.. but they responded through the Internet Dominos created their own message
in their audience's forum... recognized the criticism... publicized it changed it... and came out swinging! With a 16% profit increase
over the past year... This guy.. no longer affects this guy..
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