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Walt Disney Pictures and Feminism

Being a manly man, I feel a little out of my depth. Please humour my attempt simply reporting about feminism in Disney films.

Joshua Wallis

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Walt Disney Pictures and Feminism

Walt Disney Pictures
Feminism Beauty and the Beast Mulan Brave The Princess and the Frog To what extent do Walt Disney Pictures’s assorted portrayals of women in films encourage female empowerment and independence? Plot - Protagonist's inability to conform to gender roles leads to redefining of said gender roles by proving that woman are equally skilled.
Item 7 - Represents gender equality
Item 5 - Role model for girls
Item 6 - Perservering Plot - Non-conformist female protagonist sacrifices freedom for people in need, and finds love through nurturing a relationship.
Item 7: Independence
Item 9: Plot - Young African-American woman wants to achieve dream of own her own business, and refrains from being dissuaded.
Item 6: With Naveen, subverts idea that all women need to be saved. Plot - Unwilling to get married to a stranger, the female protagonist actively rebels against tradition to ensure her own personal freedom.
Item 6: Important message for girls Conclusion:
The most recent Disney films uphold feminist principles.
Yet they retain story-telling elements that conform to gender stereotypes.
Seek a life different from the from the ones thrust upon them
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