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1.7 Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming

No description

Ryan Farrow

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of 1.7 Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming

Unit 4: Fitness Training and Programming
You need ...
To meet the
P1 - Describe

Paint a picture in words. Assume I dont know anything about this subject. Tell me what you have learned.
Make your
look good
Assessment Task 1
Check list
Hand out - 28- 01 - 2014

Hand in 10-02-2014
Pass (P1)
Questions ?
- One method of fitness training for six different components of physical
10-15 minute presentation
Merit (M1)
- One method of fitness training for six different components of physical fitness
Six components of fitness
aerobic endurance
free weights
circuit training
continuous training
To meet
M1- Explain

Once you have described the subject, you will need to give
further details and reasons why

(eg) Once you have described your component of fitness and training method can you now expand on that such as benefits and limitations etc
Relate closely to components of fitness
I expect an
to your presentation

If you do not attend / hand in on time
without a valid
reason you will fail
You must hand in
A copy of your PowerPoint
Plastic Wallet
Front Sheet
Learning Outcome
To examine assignment brief
Continue with planning assignment
Begin assignment preparation
England cricket team
Activity 1
During the clip can you name as many England players
as possible
Why do you think there are very few names listed on your white boards ?

Why do female athletes get less media attention than male athletes?

Checking for Learning
Write down one question you could ask someone about the unit so far lesson.
Activity 2
Remember you must know the answer
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